NCIS: no more reruns, the new season 18 returns next Friday on M6 on TV

From next Friday, M6 will offer new episodes of season 18 of “NCIS: Special Investigations” instead of the reruns that the channel had set up since the beginning of the summer.

Ncis: no more reruns, the new season 18 returns next friday on m6 on tv

Since the start of the summer, M6 has been rebroadcasting season 15 of NCIS: Special Investigations, to the chagrin of fans of the series who were only waiting for one thing: the resumption of the unseen episodes of season 18.

On Friday April 30, M6 had indeed ended the broadcast of this new season after only 6 episodes, Gibbs and his team leaving the Friday night box free to offer season 5 of Bull. The channel then decided to bet on Euro football before offering reruns of NCIS on July 9.

But the reruns are over! From Friday August 27 at 9:05 p.m., M6 will offer its viewers the end of season 18 of NCIS. Every week, you can therefore find a new episode followed by reruns of previous seasons.

And the festivities will begin with episode 7, titled “The First Day”, which will see the NCIS team investigate the murder of a quartermaster working in a reintegration association, who was shot dead while he was driving a former inmate. With the crime bearing the mark of a gang, officers believe the former prisoner was the real target. Gibbs will also help Palmer deal with personal trauma.

Appointment therefore every Friday evening from 9:05 pm on M6 to discover a new episode of season 18 of NCIS. And without delay on Salto, since the platform will offer this eighteenth season as a preview to its subscribers tonight.

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