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The American channel CBS broadcast Monday evening the first episode of “NCIS: Hawaii”, the third spin-off of the hit series “NCIS”. A cop show that tries to bring a little freshness to the franchise, notably by featuring a heroine.

While rumors suggest that Mark Harmon, who should be less present in season 19 which has just started across the Atlantic, could soon say goodbye to NCIS, the successful detective series, launched in 2003, continues to make small .

After NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans, which ended this year after 7 seasons, the franchise has indeed just grown with a fourth series, NCIS: Hawaii, the first episode of which was broadcast Monday evening at United States on CBS.

And if this new spin-off worn by Vanessa Lachey is in line with the other NCIS series, it at least has the merit of bringing some bits of novelty to a franchise that, until now, relied heavily on the achievements of the parent series.

NCIS with a Hawaii tip 5-0

Created by Christopher Silber (the former NCIS: New Orleans showrunner), Jan Nash, and Matt Bosack, NCIS: Hawaii takes us, as its name suggests, into the heart of the Hawaiian Islands and follows the daily life of the agents of the NCIS Pearl, who serve at Naval Base Pearl Harbor.

The pilot of the series immediately puts us in the bath, with the explosion of a military plane following a seemingly accidental crash, and sees Special Agent Jane Tennant, a single mother of two in charge of the NCIS Pearl team, being forced to take time off from her daughter’s soccer game to investigate what will quickly turn out to be a crime. Since the death of David Walters, the pilot who was on board the fighter plane in question, appears to be linked to another murder.

All the ingredients that made the NCIS franchise so successful are once again brought together in this new spin-off series: investigations into the background of the American army, team with obvious chemistry despite very distinct characters, action scenes, and a little humor in the dialogues to lighten the whole.

Ncis hawaii: we saw the first episode of the new spinoff series of the franchise - news...

Karen Neal / CBS

NCIS fans should be delighted, while others will certainly not want to dwell on NCIS: Hawaii, which does not renew the genre in any way, even if it remains rather pleasant to watch based on this first one. episode.

Especially since the series benefits from the paradisiacal natural settings of Hawaii which, coupled with some effective action scenes, easily give the airs of Hawaii 5-0 to NCIS: Hawaii. A small bonus that should appeal to those nostalgic for the detective series worn by Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan, and which is explained by the desire of CBS and CBS Studios to reuse the studios and other infrastructure built in the archipelago for Hawaii needs 5-0. And which are still occupied by Magnum.

In short, you will understand, everything suggests that a crossover between Magnum and the new series of the NCIS franchise will eventually see the light of day in the more or less near future.

The first series in the franchise worn by a woman

While NCIS: Hawaii has the distinction of not having been introduced last season via a backdoor pilot included in one of the brand’s other three series, it is also and above all the first NCIS series to be worn by a woman, since her “cousins” are led by Mark Harmon, the duo Chris O’Donnell / LL Cool J , and Scott Bakula.

Seen mainly in comedies on television, Vanessa Lachey, the interpreter of Jane Tennant, is doing very well for her first regular role in a drama. We quickly get attached to her character, who combines a strong character and a real maternal side which makes her a patroness close to her team. And it was about time that a series in the NCIS franchise had a female lead, without a male co-lead, as is still too often the case in crime dramas.

Ncis hawaii: we saw the first episode of the new spinoff series of the franchise - news...

Karen Neal / CBS

Around her, CBS brought together faces little known to the general public, such as the Canadian Noah Mills (The Brave), the Arab-American actress Yasmine Al-Bustami (The Originals), or the New Zealander Alex Tarrant ( soon in the series The Lord of the Rings), which effectively complement the team and bring a nice diversity, which was perhaps sometimes lacking in the previous series.

Because in addition to being interested in Hawaiian culture through Kai Holman, the NCIS agent camped by Alex Tarrant, who returned to the archipelago to take care of his father, NCIS: Hawaii puts for the first time in scene, in main roles present from the pilot, two LGBTQIA + characters: NCIS agent Pearl Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami) and DIA agent Kate Whistler, played by Tori Anderson (No Tomorrow), who s’ face off on the pitch in a pretty funny way but visibly share a passive love affair, given the kiss they stealthily exchange in this first episode.

A bit of novelty in a franchise that tended to purr that will hopefully allow NCIS: Hawaii to stand out over the episodes. Even if the American public, already fond of other NCIS series, is surely there, above all, for surveys which are after all fairly standard.

In France, the M6 ​​channel, which broadcasts the brand’s other three series, has not yet announced the possible purchase of this new spin-off.

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