NCIS: an episode centered on McGee (Sean Murray) not to be missed tonight on M6

NCIS: an episode centered on McGee (Sean Murray) not to be missed tonight on M6

Head to the Bahamas tonight in “NCIS”. Episode 4 of season 18, broadcast at 9:05 p.m. on M6, goes off the beaten track by following McGee and his wife’s vacation in the tropics. A stay that will quickly turn into a high-risk mission.

Sonja Flemming / CBS

Two weeks after the 400th episode of the series, M6 has another nice surprise in store tonight for NCIS fans: Special Investigations. The channel will broadcast a new episode a bit special, which will largely abandon the usual Washington decor to focus on Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) ‘s vacation in the tropics.

Entitled “Love of Risk” (“Sunburn” in VO), the fourth episode of season 18 of NCIS indeed follows the stay in the Bahamas of McGee and his wife Delilah (Margo Harshman), who have promised to relax and not talk about work or children. And who will quickly realize that they have a hard time leaving the hassles of everyday life in the closet.

Especially since McGee’s work will soon catch up with him when an investigation by his colleagues at NCIS, who are trying to elucidate the death of the manager of an escape game, will eventually highlight links with the island on which he is with his wife. Turning their romantic vacation into a high-risk mission.

Sonja Flemming / CBS

Although it was not actually filmed in the Bahamas – the comedians having had to be satisfied with the beaches of California which are delusional as they can – this new episode of NCIS should delight the faithful of the series since it stages the return of Margo Harshman, who had not played Delilah for almost two years (her last appearance dating back to episode 14 of season 16).

And serves as a nice breath to the usual surveys, taking an interest in McGee’s married life and offering its fair share of comedy and adventure. A plot a little apart which obviously pleased Sean Murray, who confided a few weeks ago to TVLine:

“I love it when Margo Harshman is with us. And I love McGee’s ‘home’ storylines, because it’s so different from what we usually play. It makes the job interesting and it’s a lot of fun to shoot. . (…) The main reason behind this vacation is that McGee and Delilah have been married for a few years, they have children, and they are now in a kind of routine. They need to regain vitality. And this investigation they find themselves involved in will clearly help “.

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