NCIS: a character will die of Covid-19 in season 18

Season 18 of “NCIS”, currently airing in the United States, will see NCIS agents having to face the death of one of its members due to the coronavirus.

Ncis: a character will die of covid-19 in season 18
Sonja Flemming / CBS

Please note that this article contains spoilers for the episode of NCIS which aired last night in the United States. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

The global pandemic that has now raged for almost a year spares no one, not even members of NCIS. In episode 7 of season 18, broadcast last night in the United States, it is Jimmy Palmer, the forensic pathologist of NCIS agents camped by Brian Dietzen, who will see his life completely turned upside down by the epidemic.

Thus, from the start of the episode, the viewer understands through the dialogue that Breena, his wife played by Michelle Pierce, is no longer by his side. She died as a result of Covid-19, leaving behind her husband and her daughter, born in season 12. Jimmy will try to mourn with the support of his colleagues and especially Gibbs who will help him face this loss.

This episode 7 also marks the return of the intrigue in the present since the beginning of this season 18 was a flashback of a period of the previous season, which saw Gibbs go on a secret mission with Fornell (Joe Spano). This week is therefore the first time the series has caught up with reality and dealt with the coronavirus epidemic.

Decidedly rich in twists and turns, this episode also introduced the reasons for the departure of Jack Sloane, when she announces that she wants to pack her bags to perhaps go to Costa Rica. Indeed, after 3 years of good and loyal service, Maria Bello, who arrived during season 15, announced that she did not want to renew her contract. She will therefore say goodbye to the team in the next episode.

As a reminder, season 17 of NCIS is currently airing every Friday evening at 9:05 pm on M6.

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