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M6 is broadcasting episode 2 of season 18 of “NCIS” tonight, which is none other than the 400th episode of the adventures of Gibbs and his team. The opportunity for Sean Murray (McGee) and Emily Wickersham (Bishop) to review the longevity of the series.

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It’s an anniversary that few series can claim to have celebrated in their lifetime. Broadcast since 2003 on the American channel CBS, NCIS: Special Investigations crossed the milestone of 400 episodes on November 24 in the United States with a somewhat special chapter of the adventures of Gibbs and his team, which finally arrives in France this Friday April 2 at 9:05 p.m. on M6.

Entitled “In the Beginning” (“Everything Starts Somewhere” in VO), this 400th episode of the crime phenomenon phenomenon begins with the discovery of the body of a man posing as a special agent in the basement of NCIS.

A new investigation, linked to an unresolved case for 40 years, which will plunge Gibbs (Mark Harmon) into the past. Bringing him back to his first steps as an agent in NCIS and to his first meeting with Ducky (David McCallum). Supporting flashbacks featuring actors Sean Harmon and Adam Campbell in the roles of Young Gibbs and Ducky.

Asked a few weeks ago on the occasion of the launch of season 18, Sean Murray, the interpreter of McGee, confided that, according to him, the fans would love this episode centered on the first joint investigation of Gibbs and Ducky : “I think this is really an episode designed for die-hard NCIS fans. I hope they’re going to be delighted to see the origin of Gibbs and Ducky’s meeting.”.


The comedian, who in town is the stepson of NCIS creator Donald Bellisario and has worked with the latter since 1998 (when he made his first appearance in JAG), also reflected on the incredible longevity of the series: “I am amazed that I still have the possibility of practicing my profession after all these years. This loyalty to Donald Bellisario is something quite unique. There are few writers and producers like him who manage to keep up with time. , and with the same level of quality. It is the proof of his genius “.

“And 18 seasons for NCIS is almost unheard of! If you add up the 10 years of JAG, some of us have been on the ‘ship’ Bellisario for almost 28 years! . But the plots are always so exciting and know how to renew themselves. This allows us, the actors, to reinvent ourselves and to stay in the best of our form “.

A sentiment shared by Emily Wickersham, the interpreter of Bishop, who does not miss the opportunity, she either, to take his hat off to the writers of NCIS: “I can only salute the talents of our authors who know how to constantly reinvent our characters and find new plots. I believe that after all these years, the public identifies with our characters and that is what explains the longevity of the series. Especially since behind the scenes, we really are a strong and tight-knit family. There is something “real”, identifiable in NCIS, and I think it shows. “.

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