These 7 National Parks In Pretoria Will Take You Another Level Of Adventure


South Africa is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to seeing an abundance of wildlife and nature reserves. While popular spots around the country are frequented by tourists, Pretoria is often an unknown destination that few visit for the surrounding wildlife and natural beauty. If you are looking for national parks here in Pretoria, the possibilities may not be as wide, but the options available are more than enough to deal with the enthusiasm with which one visits this place.

7 Best National Parks in Pretoria

In this article, we will discuss the top and best national reserves in Pretoria that you cannot miss.

1. Gronkloof Nature Reserve

Gronkloof Nature ReserveGronkloof Nature Reserve


Groenkloof Nature Reserve is located right next to Fountain Valley at the southernmost point of Pretoria. It was Pretoria’s first game sanctuary and is one of the most popular tourist attractions around the place. The reserve is mainly managed by the Department of Nature Conservation. It contains lush vegetation around the area of ​​the nature reserve as well as over 600 different species of animals and birds. Some of the most popular animals seen around the park include zebra, giraffe, blesbok, kudu, impala, blue wildebeest and red hartebeest. Apart from this, you can also spot more than 120 species of birds there including guineafowl and crested francolin. Some of the rare species found there include gunning rock scorpion, golden-starburst baboon spider, violin spider etc.

Time: 05:30 am to 07:00 pm
Place: Tshwane, South Africa

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2. Ritveli Nature Reserve

Ritveli Nature ReserveRitveli Nature Reserve


Subsequently, Pretoria includes the Ritweli Nature Reserve in the list of national parks in South Africa. The entire park covers an area of ​​approximately 4000 hectares, making it one of the most popular parks in the region. The popular Ritaveli Dam is also located inside the park. It is located mainly in the south-eastern part of Pretoria in the Gauteng district. When it comes to the availability of flora and fauna around the national park, the options are quite wide. There are more than 404 species of birds and more than 1600 species of mammals in the nature reserve. Some of the animals commonly seen in the nature reserve include cheetah, eland, common zebra, springbuck, oribi, leopard, hippopotamus and buffalo.

Time: 05:30 am to 07:00 pm
Place: 14 Game Reserve Avenue, Rietvellee 377-Junior, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa

3. Moreletspruit Nature Reserve

Moreletspruit Nature ReserveMoreletspruit Nature Reserve


Another one of the beautiful South African national parks in Pretoria is the Moreletspruit Nature Reserve. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Gauteng. The place is known for its scenic trails and the wide range of natural beauty of birds and animals that intrude into the nature reserve. Even though there is no specific count of bird and wild game species in the nature reserve, the count is believed to be quite extensive and diverse.

Time: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm
Place: Helios St, Moreletapark, Pretoria, 0044, South Africa

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4. Fairy Glen Nature Reserve

Fairy Glen Nature ReserveFairy Glen Nature Reserve


Fairy Glen Nature Reserve is probably one of the most popular nature reserves and parks in Pretoria due to the number of birds and animals found there. It is located on the western border of Bromberg which lies east of Pretoria. The entire park is not only filled with a variety of bird species, but you can also find lots of animals and mammals. There are more than 150 species of birds in its nature reserve. Some of the animals seen extensively in the park include mongoose, hedgehogs, porcupines, bushbabies, small spotted genets, etc. Additionally, you can also find a wide range of impala, zebra and even hartebeest.

Time: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm
Place: January Masilela Dr, Ferry Glen, Pretoria, 0040, South Africa

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5. Wonderboom Nature Reserve

Wonderboom Nature ReserveWonderboom Nature Reserve


Wonderboom Nature Reserve is one of the most visited national parks in Pretoria. It is a 1 km2 reserve that includes the Magaliesberg range. The main attraction, the Wonderboom, from which the nature reserve takes its name, is located right next to the entrance. In addition to the natural beauty of some of the iconic locations around the nature reserve, some of the most important animal species found around the area include impala, zebra and even black eagles.

Time: 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Place: Wonderboom, Pretoria, 0182, South Africa

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6. Roodeplaat Dam Provincial Nature Reserve

Roodeplaat Dam Provincial Nature ReserveRoodeplaat Dam Provincial Nature Reserve


Roodeplaat Dam Provincial Nature Reserve is located on the banks of the popular Roodeplaat Dam which is located approximately 22 km north of Pretoria. The entire nature reserve is spread over an area of ​​15.55 km2. The entire area of ​​the reserve is also home to a wide variety of animal and bird species.

Time: open 24 hours
Place: 9956+88, Roodeplaat, 0186, South Africa

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7. Chamberlain Bird Sanctuary

Chamberlain Bird SanctuaryChamberlain Bird Sanctuary

If you are in Pretoria and want to see some of the most outstanding species of birds around, the Chamberlain Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place for you. Not only can you see the regular birds, but you can also see quite a number of migratory birds from all over the world, so if birds fascinate you, then this place is for you.

Time: 07:00 AM to 03:30 PM
Place: 103 Keyser St, Deerness, Pretoria, 0084, South Africa

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Pretoria doesn’t have an abundance of national parks, but the ones that are available are more than enough to compensate for all your sight-seeing pleasures. If you’re visiting South Africa, make sure Pretoria and the National Parks and Reserves are included in your itinerary.

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