5 Best National Parks In Assam: Why It’s The Favourite Of All Wildlife Enthusiasts

When it comes to natural beauty and wildlife, Assam easily surpasses its six sisters. Rich in diverse flora and fauna, Assam is one of the most picturesque and pristine regions with dense forests, tropical climate and greenery as far as the eye can see! While these are distributed among the number National Parks in Assam We bring you the best things you must see on your next trip to the North East.

5 Best National Parks in Assam

Due to Assam’s lush greenery and dense forests along with abundant marsh and water resources, the state is home to a breathtaking proportion of rare species of plants, animals and birds. Let’s take a look at the best wildlife parks in Assam to know what attracts wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and adventure seekers of the country here. Here’s our shortlist National Park in Assam And Wildlife Sanctuaries of Assam State:

1. Kaziranga National Park
2. Manas National Park
3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park
4. Nameri National Park
5. National Park People

1. Kaziranga National Park

A group of tourists going on a jeep safari in Kaziranga National Park

Known as one of the most diverse wildlife sanctuaries in India, Kaziranga National Park is the undisputed home of the one-horned rhinoceros. Due to the four major rivers of the North East meeting here, this lush green habitat is home to the rarest species of flora and fauna. Apart from animals, the park is also popular for its majestic bird life. Known worldwide as one of the best national parks of Assam, Kaziranga allows guests to enjoy fun-filled elephant safaris, jeep safaris and boat rides.

Kaziranga National Park Assam pays floral tribute to Hornbill

living organisms: One-horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, Jackal, Wild Boar, Barasingha (Swamp Deer), Leopard Cats, Monitor Lizard
Avifauna: Fishing Eagle, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Himalayan Griffon, White-tailed Eagle

Kaziranga National Park, Assam – home to the world’s largest rhinoceros

2. Manas National Park

Manas National Park Tiger Assam


Located on the north-eastern part of Assam, Manas National Park shares its border with Bhutan and has a typical tropical monsoon type climate throughout the year. Manas is home to twenty-five of the world’s endangered species. The park is now a recognized World Heritage Site because of its rare biodiversity, the wooded slopes of the Himalayas and the constantly changing channels of the Manas River, which contribute greatly to the beauty of the place.

Carmine Bee-eater Manas National Park Assam

There is no doubt that it holds a prominent place in the list of national parks in Assam.
living organisms: Wild water buffaloes, Assam roofed tortoise, golden langur, hispid rabbit, pygmy hog, and more

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3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park

Dibru Saikhowa National Park Assam


Spread over an area of ​​340 sq km, the wetlands of Tinsukia district of Assam form the Dibru Saikhowa National Park. Still in its pristine and untouched form, it is a wonderful wildlife sanctuary in Assam that is home to some of the rarest creatures on the planet. The wetlands and marshes of the region also attract many tourists, due to which more than 500 species of migratory and native birds are seen in the park.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park Assam Flora

Apart from wildlife safaris and bird watching, what makes it one of the best national parks in Assam that attracts tourists from all over India is the unique opportunity to go on a boat safari and see the Ganga River Dolphins.
living organisms: Wild water buffalo, hoolock gibbon, tiger, elephant, and more
Avifauna: White-winged Geese, Marsh Babbler, White-tailed Vulture, and more.

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4. Nameri National Park

Nameri National Park, Assam Rufous-necked Hornbill

Situated on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, this park not only gives you a chance to see some of the rarest animal and bird species of the country but also offers amazing views of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas and endless meadows of orchids. Nameri Park shares its border with Arunachal Pradesh and somewhat merges with the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, giving visitors the best of both worlds!

Nameri National Park

The park is a paradise for bird watchers due to its marshy landscape and ecology. But what really makes it shine in the list of national parks of Assam is its elephant reserve where elephants are cared for and visitors get a rare chance to interact with these majestic creatures.
living organisms: Royal Bengal Tigers, Himalayan Black Bear, Wild Boar, Indian Giant Squirrels
Avifauna: Ibis bill, Wreathed hornbill, Black stork, Rufous necked hornbill

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5. National Park People

People of Assamese National Park

Located on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra, the Orang National Park or Rajiv Gandhi National Park is the popular home of the one-horned rhinoceros of Assam. The park is small, covering about 78 square kilometres, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in uniqueness. The park supports over 50 species of fish and is incredibly rich in fauna, which contributes significantly to its stunning landforms and natural attractions. With a variety of fauna and serene views of its flora, it is definitely the best wildlife sanctuary of Assam.
living organisms: Beaver, hog deer, Indian civet, rhesus macaque, Bengal porcupine, Indian pangolin, Indian fox
Avifauna: Kingfishers, Pintails, Woodpeckers, and more

FAQs about National Parks in Assam

Still have questions? See if this helps you:

How many national parks are there in Assam?

There are 5 national parks in Assam, each of which is known for its excellent experiences. However, the most popular among them is Kaziranga National Park, which is known for the one-horned rhinoceros.

What can I eat near national parks in Assam?

Wherever you go while holidaying here, you can count on delicious Assam food like khar, masoor tenga, meat curry etc. However, when visiting national parks, you may see menus in cafeterias.

Which are the five national parks in Assam?

Following are the five national parks of Assam that attract tourists from all over the world:
1. Kaziranga National Park
2. Manas National Park
3. Dibru Saikhowa National Park
4. Nameri National Park
5. National Park People

Which is the largest national park of Assam?

Kaziranga National Park is the largest national park in Assam and is spread over three districts, i.e. Golaghat, Karbi Anglong and Nagaon districts. The national park is home to more than two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinoceros.

Which are the two major national parks of Assam?

Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park are the two main national parks of Assam, followed by Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary and Nameri National Park.

What is the best time to visit national parks in Assam?

The ideal time to visit wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Assam is during the summer months, i.e. from April to June. The weather during this period is favorable for wildlife safaris and bird watching, and one gets a chance to see maximum of the fauna and birds of Assam. The temperature in Assam in summer ranges from 32°C to 38°C.

Which national parks of Assam should one visit to see tigers?

Almost all the major national parks and wildlife sanctuaries of Assam are home to the Royal Bengal Tigers.


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