NASA Planning a Moon Base Camp Past 2024

NASA is hoping to get humans to land on the moon once again by 2024. The Artemis program from NASA is looking to get people back there to study the moon further and to take longer trips.

NASA is also hoping to try and develop an extended presence on the moon. Much of this includes the production of a base camp that will be on the moon. The settlement will stay there well beyond 2024.

The study and review of how a base camp could develop on the moon may be part of a plan for Artemis to get ready for a landing on Mars. There has been a desire from NASA to reach Mars. Some of the events on the moon may help with testing how well a trip to Mars would work, not to mention new telescopes may be developed.

NASA Planning a Moon Base Camp
NASA Planning a Moon Base Camp

Staging Orbit

The base camp on the moon would be a part of keeping NASA in full orbit. The base camp would produce a surface habitat that would be at the south pole of the moon. The design would have room for up to four astronauts. It is possible that each astronaut could stay on the moon for a week, depending on the conditions in the area.

Much of the base work around the moon would focus on settling a site that can test how well lunar vehicles can launch and reach orbit. The end goal would be to get closer to Mars. The Artemis project would include a test of the landing and ascent functions of lunar aircraft. The depth of surface exploration would also be tested to see how far items can move. A delivery space for bringing equipment on to the moon base camp would also be part of the layout.

Eventually, a dress rehearsal of sorts would occur on the moon. The event would entail longer in-space trips near the moon to see how well different items may travel near orbit. The work could lead to a further exploration session where the aircraft travels to the moon. The potential for the aircraft to move out here is worth noting.

How Long Are the Trips?

While it does not take much time to travel from the earth to the moon when in comparison with Mars, some of the trips that astronauts will take may be extensive. A team of astronauts might live on the base camp for months at a time. The effort may be to duplicate the general amount of time necessary for a trip to Mars. The base camp residencies would also be to keep the operations in that area functional and active.

Additional Telescopes

There is also a chance that at least one telescope could be established on the moon’s surface. The new telescope would provide people with a better look at different surfaces near the moon. With the moon being about 238,900 away from the earth, the new telescope could provide a better look at various bodies that might not be easy to find on earth.

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