Narwal Freo Robot Vacuum and Mop has Touchscreen on Its Base

Narwal Robotics has made an name for itself with its self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner and mop. The Kickstarter-born company has recently launched a versatile cleaning robot that will help you maintain flawless floors in your house. Named Narwal Freo, it is a robotic vacuum cleaner and mop with auto-lifting mopping pads and a touchscreen on the dock for easy management, even without your smartphone.

Different cleaning modes

The home cleaning robot also has different cleaning modes: Vacuum Mode, Mop Mode, Vacuum and Mop Mode (simultaneously), and even a Freo Mode. You can set the device for any desired cleaning mode to attain effortless cleaning. The vacuum machine, side brushes, roller brushes, and mops work together to carry out their respective jobs without replacing the modules.

Differentiates between floor types

The Narwal Freo can identify between wood or tiled flooring and adjust the downward force and humidity of the mops accordingly. It can even recognize carpets and lift up mops so that they are not messed up with water.

DirtSense & Smart Swing

Freo also comes with the DirtSense and Smart-Swing technology. The DirtSense technology integrates intelligent sensors and algorithms into the device that allows it knows how long and how many times to clean up a dirty room.

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On the other hand, the Smart-Swing feature enables the device to effectively clean around the wall edges or corners. Just like the street sweeper trucks, it also boasts 14-degree side brushes for quick cleaning. It is a very effective angle for sweeping in the larger dust particles while keeping the smaller ones out. It even has smart mapping capabilities for navigation and five customized settings as per the type of flooring in your house.


Narwal Freo can be pre-ordered through the company’s official website, with an early bird price of $999. It will retail for about $1,299.

Narwal's New Freo Home Cleaning Robot has a Touchscreen on the Dock for Easy Management_4
Image: Narwal
Narwal's New Freo Home Cleaning Robot has a Touchscreen on the Dock for Easy Management_5
Image: Narwal
Image: Narwal
Image: Narwal

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