Narvalo on CANAL +: which episode to watch according to your mood

Narvalo on CANAL +: which episode to watch according to your mood

Launched on September 14, Narvalo is the new Décalée Creation of CANAL +. On the program: an anthological collection of 8 anecdotes told by groups of friends. Tell us how you are feeling, we will tell you which episode to watch!

In laughter mode:

1. In laughter mode:

Episode 1: And there, bang control

Before appearing in court, Aziz explains to his lawyer how he got arrested three times for driving without a license … and how he almost got away with it. An episode to watch if you want to laugh from cover to cover while listening to the hero’s rantings, and if you currently pass the license (or not…!)

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This is the new CANAL + Décalée Creation. Straight out of the imagination of Matthieu Longatte, the committed humorist revealed by his YouTube channel Bonjour Tristesse, Narvalo is a nugget of singularity. The concept: an anecdote inspired by real galleys, told in 13 minutes. 8 episodes in an anthological format, the stories told having no link between them. This is why you will inevitably find an episode that fits your mood at the moment, whether you are in chill mode, post-breakup, the day after a party or even in the middle of work … We bet?

Narvalo, broadcast Mondays on CANAL +. All episodes are now available via myCANAL.

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