Narcos Mexico: a season 3 for the Netflix series

Narcos mexico: a season 3 for the netflix series

As just announced by The Hollywood Reporter, the Netflix series “Narcos Mexico” centered on drug godfather Félix Gallardo, has been renewed for a season 3, under the direction of co-creator Carlo Bernard.

Following the success of season 2, which aired on Netflix last February, the Narcos Mexico series (derived from Narcos and focused on the Guadalajara cartel) has been renewed for a third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While showrunner Eric Newman is about to take a step back to devote himself to other projects, this third chapter will be developed under the direction of Carlo Bernard, co-creator and historic executive producer of the series. On the casting side, fans will have the pleasure of meeting Scoot McNairy (in the role of agent Walt Breslin) but not Diego Luna (interpreter of the godfather of drugs Felix Gallardo, who ends up in prison at the end of season 2).

Always according to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Wagner Moura, who lent his features to Pablo Escobar in the first two seasons of the mother series, should also return to direct two episodes of Narcos Mexico, under the leadership of Carlo Bernard who will therefore officiate as the new showrunner.

“When we started this business, making a series in two different languages, in a country that had never before hosted this type of production, seemed completely crazy to us”, recently said his predecessor Eric Newman – who will continue to serve as executive producer – at the microphone of the Hollywood Reporter. “But Netflix saw the potential of the show back then, and their faith in us never wavered. Carlo Bernard is the first person I spoke to about this project over 10 years ago, and I’m delighted to leave the direction of this season 3 (…) in his extremely capable hands. “

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