Napoleon XXI on VICE TV: 3 reasons to watch the quirky docu-series!  - News Series on TV

Napoleon XXI on VICE TV: 3 reasons to watch the quirky docu-series! – News Series on TV

In the midst of the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, VICE TV is launching Napoleon XXI on May 4. With a new and atypical approach, the docu-series deciphers the impact of this historical figure 200 years after his disappearance. 3 reasons not to miss it.

Napoleon XXI, a series in 4 episodes (1 x 44 min and 3 x 22 min) to be found every Tuesday from May 4 to 25 at 10 p.m. on VICE TV and in replay via myCANAL.

Because it’s the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death

This is an event that has made people talk about it since the start of the year. 2021 is indeed marked by the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, this Wednesday, May 5. And 200 years later, the character of Napoleon still creates debates, controversies and still unleashes passions around him.

Considered one of the most famous French figures in the world, the one who died on the stone of Saint Helena in 1821 is therefore more than ever in the news. Whether you are passionate about Napoleon’s journey, one of his detractors or simply curious to know more about him, VICE TV offers you to understand why this figure is so talked about.

For its rhythm and its quirky tone

Who is still interested in Napoleon in 2021?”: Here is the question Napoleon XXI tries to answer through 4 atypical episodes. Broadcast from May 4, 10 p.m., and with one episode every Tuesday evening for four weeks, the docu-series revisits the traditional codes of documentary thanks to its singular tone and rhythm, to say the least.

Vice TV

No more long speeches and monotonous visits, here the public travels from Paris to Waterloo, via Ajaccio, in order to discover colorful personalities analyzing several aspects of the Napoleonic imagination.

The 1st episode invites us, for example, to attend an interview from beyond, while episode 2 plunges us into a War Game on Twitch in the heart of the Army museum… A new and at the very least offbeat approach.

For its presenters and speakers

Funny, natural and energetic hosts, Mathilde and Sébastien carry out a real investigation during Napoleon XXI. Each on their own or as a duo, they set off to meet a parade of personalities, each more passionate and fascinating than the next. All in very distinct areas.

On the program: meeting a medium, but also a historian of feminist struggles, a particularly passionate museum curator, or even Ajaccians divided over their most famous figure.

Vice TV

We can also note the presence of the mayor of Ajaccio Laurent Marcangeli, the director of the Foundation for the memory of slavery Dominique Taffin, historians Mathilde Larrère, Charles-Eloi Vial and Philippe Perfettini, political scientist Françoise Vergès or even from the doctor of fashion history Audrey Millet.

So many exciting voices to listen to, little-known aspects of Napoleon’s history to discover and new analyzes to decipher through 4 captivating and modern episodes. It is therefore a breath of fresh air that is blowing on the historic documentary with Napoleon XXI, from May 4 on VICE TV and in replay via myCANAL.

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