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Played by Tenoch Huerta, Namor will be one of the newcomers to “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, on November 9. So it’s time to get to know this iconic Marvel character, who shows up in the trailer.

The rumor evoking his presence in the film returned regularly. A concept art put online at the beginning of July seemed to confirm this. And the trailer unveiled during San Diego Comic-Con now makes it possible to confirm it: Namor will make his film debut in Black Panther – Wakanda ForeverNovember 9.

Iconic figure of the Marvel catalog, the one also called the Prince of the Seas (or Sub-Mariner in English) had so far only been entitled to animated series to get out of the comic book boxes of the House of Ideas. The feature film directed by Ryan Coogler will therefore be eventful in more ways than one, and it’s time to get to know Namor, while waiting to see him shine in the cinema.

Created by cartoonist and screenwriter Bill Everetthe made his debut in April 1939 in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly. And it is, quite simply, the first Marvel hero, since he was born before Captain America (December 1940), Spider-Man (August 1962) or Iron Man (March 1963). And even before the publishing house, which was born six months after its creation.

Ruler of the sunken kingdom of Atlantis, he was born from the union between a human and an Atlantean, which explains why he is not blue like the other members of his people that we see in the trailer and that seem straight out ofAvatar. Considered the first mutant, if we follow the order of Marvel publications, Namor was part of the X-Men or the Avengers according to his adventures.

Or the Illuminati, seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness This year. Many have also thought that the feature film by Sam Raimi would mark his first film appearance, which a mysterious tweet of Scott Derrickson, when he was still working on the film, already seemed to indicate in March 2019. So it was only a postponement, but only a few months. And in view of the trailer, the character presents itself as the great villain of the film.

Namor in Black Panther 2 Marvels Aquaman hides in the

Tenoc Huerta, aka Namor

Which would fit with the fact that he was the first enemy of humans in comic books, and notably faced the Fantastic 4, before siding with the good guys. More considered an anti-hero, he can breathe underwater and on land, but also fly thanks to the small wings on his ankles. In addition to benefiting from superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes. Or a telepathic control over sea creatures, which we no longer find in the most recent stories and which therefore may not be on the program of Wakanda Forever.

In front of Ryan Coogler’s camera, Namor will be played by Tenoch HuertaMexican actor seen in particular in American Nightmare 5 or season 1 of Narcos: Mexico. And his look will be somewhat different from that of the comic books: if he keeps his pointed ears, his style is more reminiscent of that of the Mayans or the Aztecs (whose pyramid can be seen at the very beginning of the trailer), which leaves presage a connection between Atlantis and another extinct civilization. As well as a clash between the underwater and terrestrial parts of the MCU, when it comes to blows with the people of Wakanda, for a reason that has yet to be revealed.


Because the trailer seeks to launch us on a false track? Like Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) with Iron Man and Captain America in Civil War, wouldn’t there be another person who pulls the strings in the shadows and leads to this confrontation between the two peoples, thanks to the military that we can see on some plans? One of the most famous villains in Marvel history, for example? Insofar as Namor will also be used to make the link with the Fantastic 4, whose ally he finally became, the name of Doctor Doom (or Doctor Doom), their sworn enemy, will he be mentioned, even without making appear the character?

The hypothesis is all the more credible as the arrival of 4 Fantastic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be in November 2024. And that the rumored crossover adapted from Secret Warswhere Doom plays a key role, is now confirmed, with an expected release in November 2025. While Phase IV has long been criticized for sailing on sight, the course set by Kevin Feige now seems a bit clearer. And Namor could help move things forward as well as broaden horizons.

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