Mytho season 2 on Arte: “I really wanted to tackle the theme of influence” says Anne …

While Arte is broadcasting the last three episodes of the unseen season 2 of “Mytho” this evening, the creators of the series return to the underlying themes of this season, and Jérémy Gillet evokes the physical transformation of his character.

A proposal for an unprecedented dramedy in the French audiovisual landscape with its strange and quirky universe, Mytho is back on Arte for a more radical season 2. Bolstered by the confidence given by the channel following the success of season 1, crowned with the Audience Award at the Festival Séries Mania 2019, its creators, Anne Berest and Fabrice Gobert, were able to go even further.

When Fabrice read season 1, he told me that we had to think together about how we will make a season 2 bounce back, and from our discussions was born this strange and mysterious character of Lorenzo, who appeared in end of season 1“, explains the screenwriter.

The series is great for dealing with family because every once in a while you can let go of one character and get interested in another. Elvira (Marina Hands) is still present in season 2, but in a quite different way, and the series becomes more choral“, continues Fabrice Gobert, co-writer and director.

This lie which was related to the mental load that Elvira was under, was the strong event of season 1, but there was this idea that it did not come from nowhere; that it came from his story.“The character of Lorenzo (Luca Terraciano) therefore emerges at the end of season 1 by carrying within him the seeds of this new season, and gives rise to the desire to lean towards Elvira’s past.

This season 2 continues to explore the question of lies, with this past that emerges and that Elvira no longer manages to hide. ” After talking about the havoc that lying can do, we thought the truth could be so destructive for a family.“explains Fabrice Gobert.

“I really wanted to tackle the theme of the hold that runs through the season,” adds Anne Berest. Sam has a toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert, while Patrick (Mathieu Demy), his father, falls under the thumb of a lonely woman. “We worked on the love affair with this woman who arrives and who will gradually succeed in creating a couple of people who basically do not go together. But she manages to get a hold of Patrick. There is also the presence of Mme Ménard and this sect which has a hold on the daughters of Elvira.

We were very interested in this underlying theme. There must be secret themes in the writing. We are almost heading towards a comedy of remarriage in this season, but the underlying theme was this notion of hold that Fabrice and me are very passionate about.

Mytho season 2 on arte: "i really wanted to tackle the theme of influence" says anne...
Jean-Claude Lother

Théo Augier (Renan)

Sam, on the other hand, has a toxic relationship with a narcissistic pervert: Renan (Théo Augier), an arrogant and manipulative young literary student. As an indirect consequence of this hold, the character of Sam has evolved a lot in terms of his appearance in this season 2.

I had a blast on everything there was around the character, in terms of hair, makeup, jewelry … Sometimes in the same day, we had a scene with the wig, and just after a scene with the slicked back hair and lipstick“, remembers his interpreter Jérémy Gillet. “I understood that it was, especially in the first part of the season, a way for him to please Renan, but it is an appearance that distances him from himself, and moreover he is detaches in the second part. ”

In season 1 there were a lot of questions about Sam’s gender identity, transphobia backlash when the character is not trans, he was never gendered to be female, he was always an androgynous boy. , or non-binary, or genderfluid, but in any case, it’s never stated clearly.

I really like the fact that in season 2, we don’t masculinize him, and he just blows away all the conventions. I really enjoyed reading that in the storylines compared to these reviews of season 1, where I thought to myself that this kind of gender identity thing that is purposely blurry was maybe too subtle or not clear enough.

Myto season 2 is available in full on the site

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