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As season 2 lands on Apple TV +, we tell you why we need to catch up with the Mythic Quest series, a wacky and acerbic comedy about the world of video game development.


Immersion behind the scenes of a studio responsible for the development of a video game. The creative team led by Ian Grimm is set to launch the first major expansion for one of his most popular games.


Mythic Quest is stocked with famous comedy faces such as Philadelphia showrunner and actor Rob McElhenney, Danny Pudi, the unforgettable Abed in Community, and Imani Hakim, Tanya from Everybody Hates Chris. We also find Jessie Ennis, seen in the series Love and Better Call Saul and David Hornsby, also in the cast of Philadelphia and Good Girls.

In addition, F. Murray Abraham, particularly known by series fans for his role of Dar Adal in Homeland, stands out in a rather crazy role. In the rest of the cast, new talents are emerging such as Ashly Burch and Charlotte Nicdao, still relatively unknown.


With now two seasons on the clock, Mythic Quest is one of the nuggets of Apple TV +. The series produced by Ubisoft takes us behind the scenes of a publishing company of an extremely popular video game: Mythic Quest, an MMORPG in the vein of World of Warcraft. The series kicks off with the launch of the game’s first expansion, Raven’s Feast, and this crucial step will bring about significant changes within the company, in constant search for innovation.

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Through its gallery of wacky and very well-played characters, like its creative director, megalomaniac and egocentric, Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney), Mythic Quest highlights and digs into all aspects of the creation of a video game. , from conception to release, including coding, design, testing, bug fixing, marketing and advertising.

How to satisfy millions of players? Why is this game so important to the community? How do you get your talent recognized in this world of sharks? Endless questions asked by the protagonists whose life revolves mainly around Mythic Quest, a game of which they are proud but which sucks all their energy, so much so that they all want to kill each other by working together.

More than the economic and social issues treated with care, Mythic Quest also charms with its ambition and its passionate writing on the video game world, as shown by episode 5 of the first season, which focuses on the disenchanted career of a couple of game designers. video, played by Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother) and Jake Johnson (New Girl) and episode 7 of the second season, brilliantly written by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) about the passion for writing extraordinary video stories .

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The series also tackles head-on important topics in this complex market such as the difficult place of women in the world of gaming with the endearing character of the genius developer Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao), who will rise in season 2 and be finally Ian’s equal. The war of ego will rage and will question their passion for their profession.

Mythic Quest also questions the omnipresence of Youtubers and Streamers in the industry with Pootie Shoe (Elisha Henig), a “prepubescent PiewDiePie” who turns out to be a key character in the plot but also the foray of pop culture into video games with in particular a Battle Royale extension with the appearance of Snoop Dogg in reference to Fortnite and Travis Scott in season 2.

The design of Mythic Quest was not taken lightly in terms of means since the studios of Ubisoft actually designed images of the real-fake video game in question to embellish and punctuate the episodes of the series. Season 2 pushes the cursor even further and offers cinematic sequences with a more impressive design.

Mythic Quest transcends the video game aspect of its universe and digs even deeper into the psychology of its characters in season 2 which tackles in a subtle and interesting way the impact of the pandemic on office life. Funny, brilliant and perfectly embodied, this series from Rob McElhenney is urgently to catch up on Apple TV +.

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