Mystery in Saint-Tropez trailer: Christian Clavier blundering inspector in this retro detective comedy

Mystery in Saint-Tropez trailer: Christian Clavier blundering inspector in this retro detective comedy

Maximilien Pierrette

Maximilien Pierrette

Cinema journalist

In his head, the perfect comedy brings together the writing of Billy Wilder, the sense of detail of Bruno Podalydès, the lines of Splendid, the angry energy of Louis de Funès, the social discourse of Chaplin, the references of Palmashow, the great anything from ZAZ and chaos from the Marx Brothers.

Sabotage, eight suspects, a five-star cast, a clumsy inspector and a series of catastrophes: this is what the police comedy “Mystery in Saint-Tropez” promises us, expected on July 14, and whose trailer has been unveiled.


But who threatens Eliane Tranchant with death? This is the question Inspector Boulin will have to answer. To the chagrin of all the characters of Mystère in Saint-Tropez, whether they are guilty or innocent. Because the policeman, who is reminiscent of the blunderer Clouseau from La Panthère Rose, is a real disaster machine, as shown in the trailer for Nicolas Benamou’s film, expected on July 14 in our theaters.

Not content to lend his features to the clumsy hero of this detective comedy, Christian Clavier is also the co-writer with Jean-Marie Poiré, his accomplice of the Visitors, and Jean-François Halin, to whom we owe the OSS 117. And the latter once again plays the retro card, since the feature film plunges us into the heart of the 70s. Alongside a five-star cast.

Like The Crime of the Orient Express or Knives Out Before Him, to name but a few “whodunit” famous (police investigations in which the goal is to determine the culprit of a crime), Mystère in Saint-Tropez offers itself an XXL distribution. Christian Clavier thus finds his ex-Obélix Gérard Depardieu, or even Thierry Lhermitte, with whom he had not toured since Les Bronzés 3.

Benoît Poelvoorde, Virginie Hocq, Jérôme Commandeur, Rossy de Palma and Vincent Desagnat are also part of this film which intends to offer us a fireworks display of gags on July 14.

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