MyCanal: 6 unknown foreign series to catch up during confinement – News TV Series

MyCanal: 6 unknown foreign series to catch up during confinement – News TV Series

During this confinement period, we recommend six of the foreign series available on MyCanal that are worth seeing. On the way to Sweden, the United Kingdom and Israel.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available when you read it. Thanks for your understanding.


Created and performed by actor Joseph Gilgun, seen in Misfits and Preacher, Brassic follows a young man with bipolar disorder and his band of friends living from scheming and petty theft in the English countryside. Gilgun was inspired by his own life for this British series hailed by critics and the public across the Channel. Brassic portrays British proletarian youth with wacky humor, like Shameless. Fans of Trainspotting and the universe of Guy Ritchie will not be disoriented.

Snö – Never wipe tears without gloves

From the book of the same name, itself inspired by a true story, Snö – Never Wears Tears Without Gloves has met with phenomenal success in Sweden. This three-episode fresco depicts the emergence of AIDS within the gay community of Stockholm in the late 1980s. Built on back-and-forth between the past and present of his characters, the series shows prejudice, intolerance and the pain that homosexuals have faced. A poignant work that manages to avoid the pitfall of pathos thanks to its simplicity and accuracy.

Our Boys

Based on a tragic news item, Our Boys focuses on the investigation by an agent of the Internal Terrorist Division of the Shin Bet into the murder of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem, after three Jewish teenagers were kidnapped and killed by Hamas activists. New creation of Hagai Levi, at the origin of En analyze and The Affair, Our Boys caused a lively controversy during its diffusion in Israel, to the point that the Prime Minister of the country called for its boycott. A demanding and fascinating punch fiction.

Cucumber and Banana

15 years after Queer As Folk, Russell T. Davies (also known for Torchwood and Years and years) signed in 2015 a triptych composed of the drama Cucumber, the comedy Banana and the documentary web series Tofu. Available on MyCanal, Cucumber and Banana can be viewed together or separately. These two complementary series paint a portrait of several homosexuals from different generations. While the first follows a man in his fifties whose couple is in crisis, the second is interested in the romantic and sexual adventures of a young man of 19 years. With ferocious humor and in an irreverent and modern tone, Cucumber and Banana avoid caricature and reach universality in their painting of sentimental relationships.


After the box office for The Office, which has been successfully adapted in particular to the United States, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have signed Extras, a series centered on an aspiring actor who struggles to obtain speaking roles and goes on to appear on set. This delightful satire of show business welcomes each prestigious guest with each episode who performs a parodic version of himself. The character of Ricky Gervais crosses paths with Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert De Niro and David Bowie. Gervais fans will find the creaky humor of the British actor.

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