MyCanal: 5 scary series to shiver during confinement – News TV Shows

MyCanal: 5 scary series to shiver during confinement – News TV Shows

While France is still confined, focus on 5 scary series to discover on MyCanal, including “American Horror Story”, “The Strain” and “La Quatrième Dimension”.


The catalog of the platform may evolve, so some of the content offered in this article may no longer be available when you read it. Thanks for your understanding.


Great longevity for the anthological series American Horror Story, launched in 2011 and still there today. It must be said that the horrific show of Ryan Murphy is always very rare, sparing no efforts to, each year, make his fans shiver with fear at the whim of both poignant and nightmarish tales, capable of confronting the spectator with his greatest fears. Season 9, offered on MyCanal, immerses us inin the summer of 1984, when five friends were hired as monitors at Camp Redwood. Very quickly, they discover that there is something even more terrifying than the stories of campfire. The cast includes Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher’s daughter) and Dylan McDermott.


Nice double blow on MyCanal with the presence in the catalog of the legendary anthological series La Quatrième Dimension, broadcast between 1959 and 1964, but also its contemporary version, which was launched last year. Good news for fans of supernatural, strange and scary stories: the new Fourth Dimension is produced by Jordan Peele, new little genius of US horror to whom we owe the noticed Get Out and Us, who resumes for the occasion the role of the narrator held in the original version by Rod Serling. In the casting of the episodes of the 2019 version, we find famous names like Greg Kinnear, Zazie Beetz, Seth Rogen or Jason Priestley.

THE STRAIN (2014 – 2017)

When a Boeing 777 lands at New York’s JFK airport without any sign of life emanating from it, Eph Goodweather (Corey Stoll), a scientist specializing in epidemics and biological attacks, is dispatched to the scene. Inside the plane, he discovers that all the passengers are dead, probably killed by a strange virus or … an unidentified monster. The series The Strain, of which MyCanal offers the four seasons, is the apocalypse seen by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, who adapt here to the screen their own novels after passing through the comic-book box. As showrunner of this series which tackles the theme of vampires in an original way, we find the experienced Carlton Cuse, known in particular for his work on Lost.

CALLS (2017)

Amazing concept like that of the French series Calls, created by Timothée Hochet: to show no image and only tell a story via sound recordings, the names of the characters just encrusted on a black background to allow the viewer to compose the story. A process which stimulates the senses to 100% for a guaranteed tension during each of the episodes of a duration of approximately 10 minutes. The sounds of season 1 make it possible to testify to tragic events occurring at different times, but all connected in one way or another to an impending Apocalypse. Those of season 2 are more rooted in everyday life. But the whole remains breathless. In the (vocal) casting, many French stars including Mathieu Kassovitz, Gaspard Ulliel, Marina Foïs, Ramzy Bedia or Karin Viard.

NOX (2018)

When her daughter disappears in the basements of Paris without leaving a trace, Catherine Suzini is convinced that only she can find her. Former cop, retired as much as adrift, she will have to resolve to team up with Raphael, her daughter’s teammate. Together, they will leave the surface and sink into the depths of Paris to embark on a terrifying and frantic race with the appearance of descent into hell … Sustained suspense and dark atmosphere are on the menu of the hexagonal miniseries Nox, intense polar whose action takes place in the depths of the capital. Created in particular by filmmaker Fred Cavayé (Pour elle, Le Jeu), the show, which is not afraid to rub shoulders with horror, is led by the trio composed of Nathalie Baye, Maïwenn and Malik Zidi.

All series to see in APRIL on MyCanal

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