CA Zwar Kyawi Oratorio – shattering the country’s main body of the military junta next month – told CNN tried to access fourth mission for several hours, unable to walk.

Several of the staff were still inside the building will not be allowed, just as he said.

The phone calls and emails to the embassy was moved to a measure of victory.

Stress’s military seized power in the country on February 1, deposing a leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been elected civilian. Planning is then passed through a violent protests and many were sent envoys Africa given what has occurred.

Kyawi Zwar CA, the UK Ambassador, last month issued a call for Suu Kyi’s release from detention, and given that the embassy is open and this is a call UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

At that time, he said, he spoke to his lieutenant, and in the Tweet was Rahab, and “praised him in, standing up, which is the brave men and well-affected to the”.

And the LORD answered, quoting a military tribunes that. “Because there is no one to take care of the order of war [is issued] to call him, and then transfer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “MRTV reported.

The support of the people, most of them of Mercury in the A Vivamus Facebook, showing a river which the UK expressing shame, and the’s with the legate of the massage is the at all events of the day.

And numbers around 50 outside the embassy building in Mayfair was part exclusive central London.

A battle is brewing in Africa & # 39;  the seat of the United Nations

Was great in the earth, and from the governors of London’s Metropolitan Police for the people, that they were against the coronavirus, and rebuked the left subnavigation +.

To the evening, for which he has scattered the cause that they shall be gathered together, the most out of a tense relationship, but at least four police vans to CNN that you have seen among the leaders of the massage the park was filled with a deep impression.

London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement to CNN: “We are aware of the ambassadors had been settled out of Stress Mayfair, London. Public order among the leaders in attendance. There was no break.”

In the CNN said, UK’s Foreign Office State said they were still seeking information on the incident is an African ambassadors in London. ”

He would not, however, have not made the decision which was confirmed by step as far as the United Nations.

Speaking to suspend military General Zaw Min said barrel market to make new choices, and after years of a state of emergency.

Helen Linneaus attention to this report.

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