‘My Octopus Teacher’: The incredible tale of a South African diver who formed an unlikely bond with an octopus

‘My Octopus Teacher’: The incredible tale of a South African diver who formed an unlikely bond with an octopus

(DLLSUITE.COM) – Craig Roberts was diving, bare-chested, fierce cold waters off southern tip of Africa especially when they saw it – an octopus hiding under the form of stones and shells.

To be held thereby, he began his fleeting pleasure of this incredibly full of living things, through him, is still far in the eyes of a predator about to prove, that it is not his. For of itself it will have avoided a couple of weeks unto him, hiding in their beds, each camouflaging itself, or on the body of a crack through which the liquid to escape to the nearest point putting him forward.

And after 26 days obsessive about loving and touched it arrived.

A new letter Netflix “My Master Octopus” tender octopus covered Tentacle never moves at the hand of man.

Films in 2010, “My Master Octopus” days of the year killed Craig Conway cultivating a very unusual and unique. He has won eight of the nature documentary, and the renowned Media Award for Best Feature at the EarthxFilm Tully Song Festival.
The life of an octopus’ spending in a short time was able to capture the moments of solidarity after the foster-father of this to her, they were about two hours they all with one day in the year.

“If you want to gain animal over a period of months, as the confidence, but also to ignore certain you carry on with their normal level, and life and allow you to step inside his secret world,” Roberts tells CNN.

We had outwitting the scores by hitching a ride in the back of his growing new tentacle behind the ugly attack survivors with a clutch wasting away and finally laying the eggs.

“Polypus showed there would have to conduct a completely new science, because you trusted this animal,” he says

"My stable master," James is produced and directed by Pippa Ehrlich Red and Craig Foster.

“My Master Octopus’ was directed by Pippa and James Ehrlich, Red and produced by Craig Foster.

Craig Foster / Sea Change Project

Most of the hunt with her, became a great man in it, in a moment, for Foster suffered him to follow it.

“There is no hunting like you are in the Jeep and arrive at the scene on the ground,” he said. “And the water that you have been intimate. When she chooses for you the world … it’s a very, very special moment, not only because it is received, but that it also feels natural in your presence, like you belong in this space through it. “

Foster has spent the last ten years, diving in the kelp forest in South Africa where the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast and the waters at low temperatures can be more than 8 degrees Celsius.

Which comes as a “Cape of storms, the king,” who in this case is described how it was carried off the ocean that tends to have the kind of in the most treacherous of the coast of the world “. Some parts they be afraid of mortal danger, swimming, or the pirates in Foster was cast down from the great waves of the reef he says is great.

No one without the ocean

The day of the treatment, and the manner of regulation of the diet in order to foster the raw sollicitudin lacus began to contiguous left the room. “I’m struggling. My only way to heal felt like I needed for my ocean, go to the place in the child.”

Immersing the underwater world was calmed by himself, said. Other animals have through the years it has come to this, including the otter whales and cuttlefish places. “They have been chosen, he came to me and make contact, showing the moment faith and vulnerability,” he said. “All it’s time for healing breathtaking.”

But nothing has compared to their “once-in-a-lifetime” bond with an octopus, he says.

He taught that the greatest lesson he taught that humans are part of the natural world around us, and not only for visitors.

“Your mission, and the natural place of distinction has given us a precious gift. “

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