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After a recap episode last week, the fifth new season of “My Hero Academia” begins this Saturday, April 3 exclusively on DNA. How to explain the incredible success of the manga and its animated adaptation?


Standard bearer of the Japanese publisher Shueisha (Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto…), My Hero Academia has gradually risen to the top of the most popular ranking in recent years. A true bestseller, the manga is also one of the top 5 best sellers of all time in France. It is therefore little to say that the series now occupies a major place in the Japanese entertainment industry.

While a third feature film titled World Heroes Mission will be released next summer in Japan, it is the fifth season of its animated adaptation that is creating the event on DNA today. Long awaited by thousands of fans, the series has nevertheless had a difficult start …

Behind the success of My Hero Academia, there is the author / designer Kōhei Horikoshi. Very quickly erected to the rank of prodigy, he won the prestigious Tezuka Prize at only 20 years old. Spotted by the Shueisha, he quickly obtained his own series in the pre-publication magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.

Despite the immense expectations it generates, Kōhei Horikoshi does not yet know success with his first Crazy Zoo, very quickly canceled by the publisher. Luck does not smile on him more with his second manga, Sensei no Bulge, discontinued just a few months after its launch.

At 26 years old and already two failures on the clock, Horikoshi finds himself back to the wall. Aware that a third failure will be fatal, the author gathers all his energy in a final effort: My Hero Academia, born from his intertwined love for shônen and American comics. This time, the success is at the rendezvous, the series prancing very quickly to the top of the ranking of the most popular manga.

My Hero Academia on DNA: what to expect from season 5?

A success that Pa-Ming Chiu, journalist for the review, analyzes for us Animascope : “The series owes its success mainly to the fact that it is good in itself and that it was well received in the Weekly Shōnen Jump where it is pre-published. It is very well drawn and a little better written than average. is enough to distinguish it. “

“His state of mind was to have fun, even if it means quitting afterwards. That’s why he put everything he likes, shônen and comics in particular in MHA” notes Ahmed Agne, co-founder of the Ki-oon publishing house, in an interview with our colleagues fromAnimeland (n ° 233 to be found on newsstands)

Due to his past failures, Kōhei Horikoshi seems to have greatly identified with his protagonist – Izuku Midoriya – a young boy desperate to become a superhero, although he does not have an Alter. (name given to the powers in the series, editor’s note). A true autobiographical mise en abyme, does the determination of its hero in defiance of all obstacles mirror that of its author?


Classic Shônen in its early days, My Hero Academia did not hesitate to then take off by seizing darker themes, and giving more weight to the allies of his protagonist, but also to his opponents. His perfect rival Tomura Shigaraki, heir to the super-villain All For One, occupies an increasingly important place in the plot of the manga.

“There is a schooldrama side that is particularly Japanese in the spirit. In a way, we could draw the parallel with Generation X at Marvel, but despite a similar context, the tone remains extremely different anyway. that we are here in these shonen codes where Generation X is more raw, more realistic in a sense. “ according to Pa-Ming Chiu.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia is to be followed every Saturday in an exclusive simulcast on DNA.

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