My Hero Academia on DNA: the arc of villains delayed because considered too violent! at …

Highly anticipated by fans of the manga, the arc devoted to the villains of My Hero Academia finally debuted on Saturday, August 20 on DNA, after being swapped with the arc of the Endeavor Agency. A chronological upheaval to avoid censorship.


Still being broadcast on the DNA platform, season 5 of My Hero Academia has just taken a 180-degree turn with a brand new arc that began on August 20.

Called “My Villain Academia”, this part abandons our high school student heroes to focus on the infamous Alliance of Tomura Shigaraki, this antagonist with a deranged mind who takes the opportunity to unveil his dark projects for the future …

Much awaited by fans of the manga, this arc should have been animated much earlier, and directly follow the transition episode “Merry Christmas” broadcast on June 26. But for the first time since its creation, the directors of the anime have chosen to reverse the chronology established by the author Kōhei Horikoshi, by inverting “My Villain Academia”, with “Agence Endeavor”, the arc following the alternation by Deku, Bakugo and Shoto.

This choice, which may seem insane, and which risks complicating the correct understanding of history for anime-only, however, was not done lightly.


First published in August 2019 on the occasion of volume 24, “My Villain Academia”, an arc reserved only for villains in history, quickly became a favorite with the public. Full of actions and rich in revelations, these few chapters had enough to upset the rather light atmosphere until then established by the manga.

And it is this sudden change of atmosphere that would have pushed the Bones studios to invert this part with that devoted to our heroes trainees in the Endeavor agency. Indeed, My Hero Academia is broadcast at 5:30 p.m. in Japan, one hour for all audiences. “My Villain Academia” being the most violent and creepy arc in the saga, keeping the chronology of the narrative as Kōhei Horikoshi wrote it would have required heavy censorship or a schedule change.

My hero academia on dna: the arc of villains delayed because considered too violent! At...

Studio Bones

The origins of Shigaraki

To prevent these two very radical options, the creators preferred to start the second half of the season with the Endeavor arc, which is much more accessible in terms of themes and animation. Saving time so that the public can be properly informed of what the rest of the story entails. Thus the studios hoped to avoid disturbing some viewers, and prevent a possible loss of audiences.

It was therefore necessary to wait more than two years after its paper publication to see this arc finally adapted to the screen. What to maintain the suspense until the end as for the intentions of Shigaraki and his band.

My hero academia on dna: the arc of villains delayed because considered too violent! At...

My hero academia on dna: the arc of villains delayed because considered too violent! At...

Studio Bones

The Alliance of Villains


And at least that was needed to prepare psychologically for everything that will follow. Because after several weeks of very quiet simulcast, this season 5 received rather mixed returns. Mainly devoted to training students, with all the same some new features on One For All, the lack of action quickly bored some spectators.

But it was only the calm before the storm. “My Villain Academia” is here to relaunch the deal! For a few episodes, you will be able to enjoy moments reserved for the elite of super-villains. Turnaround times, betrayals, torture and epic battles are to be expected for Shigaraki’s ultimate plan to finally fall into place. The succession of All For One is visibly assured …

My hero academia on dna: the arc of villains delayed because considered too violent! At...

Studio Bones

Tomura shigaraki

One thing is certain, the last episodes promise to end with a great upheaval. What to keep us in suspense while waiting for the arrival of season 6 (probably during 2022!). We should find our future heroes there in a great confrontation with Shigaraki and his minions, more powerful than ever.

And just to be patient, we hope to see World Heroes’ Mission, the third film in the franchise, land in our French cinemas in the meantime!

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