My Hero Academia: a new character in the movie World Heroes Mission

Vincent formica

Vincent formica

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Like many children of the 80s, he discovered Japanese animation thanks to Club Dorothée. Nicky Larson, Dragon Ball Z … so many series that introduce him to japanimation. After the stop of the famous program, he will continue to be passionate about anime until today.

Expected for August 6 in Japan, the 3rd feature film of the My Hero Academia franchise will unveil a brand new character: Rody Soul.


While season 5 of the animated series is currently airing on DNA, the all-new film from the saga reveals major information!

World Heroes Mission, the third feature film in the franchise after Two Heroes and Heroes Rising, will introduce a brand new protagonist.

This character, named Rody Soul, was designed by the manga creator, Kohei Horikoshi. It was unveiled on May 18 on the film’s official Twitter account.


Rody soul

We were able to discover his design, alongside the actor who lends him his voice, Ryo Yoshizawa. The latter notably dubbed Uryû Ishida in Bleach or Manjiro Sano in the sensation Tokyo Revengers.

According to the World Heroes Mission Twitter account, Rody Soul will have a very important role in the story, holding the keys to the plot.

The feature film, which lands on August 6 in Japan, is directed by Kenji Nagasaki within the studio Bones. He had already directed the two previous films of the saga, Two Heroes and Heroes Rising.

Yosuke Kuroda signed the script, under the supervision of Kohei Horikoshi. Yoshihiko Umakoshi took care of the character design and Yuki hayashi composed the music.

As a reminder, the series and the two films are available on DNA. As for World Heroes Mission, it will surely be entitled to its cinema release in France before landing on the platform. The date will be known shortly.


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