My friend Adèle on Netflix: what if this character was still alive?

What if Louise wasn’t dead? This is the theory of some fans of My friend Adèle who think that the young woman transferred her soul… into a pigeon.

In My friend Adèle, it is the bad guys who win in the end. We discover that Rob (Robert Aramayo) took possession of the body of Adele (Eve Hewson) and then seized that of Louise (Simona Brown) in the last episode of the Netflix miniseries. The two women are therefore logically dead since their bodily envelope is no longer alive. But on Reddit – platform where we can exchange topics and theories – some fans are convinced that Louise is alive.

According to them, she integrated her soul into a pigeon at the last minute. They lean on this scene from episode 6 where Rob / Louise returns to the apartment. He / she then sees the bird on a kitchen table and observes it for a moment. On the pigeon, we can see a green spot, which can refer to the color of Louise’s astral projection.


The green color on the pigeon’s neck is perhaps not insignificant …

This is not the first time that we have seen this pigeon at Louise’s (he seems to be squatting on her balcony). Other fans believe it may be Adele herself and that she is watching the situation from afar. “I think the reason she can’t leave the pigeon and get her body back is because she can’t count on her ten fingers. So she has no choice but to watch Rob destroy his life“tries to explain one of the spectators.

If this theory seems far-fetched, it remains plausible. Especially since the writers have distilled clues throughout the series. For example: Adele’s astral projection is originally pink, while Rob’s is blue. In the present, we notice that its halo is blue (so that something has changed).

Let us also mention the poster of the series : if you look closely, you can see the young man at the bottom; a sort of green scent escapes from him. The latter surrounds Louise’s eye, implying that he is going to take control of it. Remember that in English the series is called Behind her eyes, which could be translated as “behind his eyes”.

Unfortunately we do not risk having answers to all these questions since My friend Adèle is a mini-series and a season 2 is not planned at the moment.

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