My friend Adèle on Netflix: the final twist explained in a video – news series on tv

With its well-crafted script and its unexpected ending, the Mon ami Adèle series has created a surprise on Netflix. If you didn’t get the final twist, this video will answer all of your questions.

My friend Adele on Netflix the final twist explained in

Warning, this article and this video obviously contain spoilers on the series. If you haven’t seen her, go your way.

Since its launch a week ago on Netflix, the series My friend Adèle has continued to hit the mark. This psychological thriller has distinguished itself from other productions of the same genre by flirting with the fantastic. It is about dreams and astral projections, allowing to extract his consciousness from his body. A sub-plot which will lead to an unexpected final twist in the last episode and which comes to fold all the cards: we learn indeed that Rob (Robert Aramayo) took control of the body of Adèle (Eve Hewson) from the beginning and that he managed to own Louise (Simona Brown). In other words: it’s the bad guy who wins in the end.

If you haven’t understood everything about the series, don’t panic, this video will explain everything to you. She dissects the plot, the clues disseminated over the episodes and even answers a few questions left unanswered. My friend Adèle will have no more secrets for you. But if you want to learn more about the universe, you can always jump into Sarah Pinborough’s book which the Netflix series is adapted from – even if there is some major differences