My chick on TF1: which character of Kaamelott did the director play?

My chick, broadcast this evening on TF1, is a well-conducted feel good comedy, carried by PEF, Isabelle Nanty and the revelation Thomas Solivérès. Did you know that the director had played in Kaamelott and directed Asterix at the Olympic Games?

Released on June 28, 2017 at the cinema, Mon Poussin tells the story of Vincent, 18 years old. The latter is dumped by Elina. It’s her first love, it’s the end of the world! His parents therefore decide to take matters into their own hands and will do everything to make him forget this girl: he will have to follow them in a loving detoxification treatment for which they will imagine the program.


This little feel good comedy, carried in particular by Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Isabelle Nanty and Thomas Solivérès, had moderate success in theaters with 331,235 spectators. After directing large-scale productions such as Asterix at the Olympic Games or Stars 80, director Frédéric Forestier returned solo with a more modest but better controlled feature film. Indeed, Asterix and Stars 80 were co-produced with Thomas Langmann.

Before that, Forestier had signed Le Boulet, with Benoît Poelvoorde, in a duet with Alain Berbérian (2002). He was also the one who directed Dolph Lundgren in State of Emergency in 1997! This action DTV, the director’s first work, followed a group of terrorists. The latter stormed an American military base housing nuclear missiles, threatening the Pentagon. It was without counting on Major Frank Cross, the elite of the US army, camped by the Swedish comedian.


Unusually, Frédéric Forestier played an important character in Book VI of Kaamelott in 2009, which looked back on Arthur’s Roman past. He slipped into the costume of Aulus Milonius Procyon, Aide-de-camp to Titus Nipius Glaucia (Jean-Marc Avocat) at the Urban Militia. It is he who does the dirty work for his boss, often especially baiting Verinus (Manu Payet), lemon merchant in the ghetto of Rome.

My chick on tf1: which character of kaamelott did the director play?


Frédéric Forestier alias Procyon

In conflict with Arthur since the incident at Villa Aconia, Procyon will seek to assassinate the future king of Brittany. He will not succeed, however taking the life of his right-hand man, Appius Manilius. He will also cut the throat of the latter’s partner, Licinia, and her friend Julia.

Hired by Alexandre Astier to play this character, Frédéric Forestier will no longer return to the camera. After the big screen, he will head to the small skylight, recently signing the romantic comedy with Rayane Bensetti, Once Upon a Time in Monaco. In 2021, the director is filming Far From Home, a unit for TF1. The TV movie follows Morgane, a young 19-year-old student. The latter arrives in Amsterdam with a French family to be the nanny of their two children.

In search of independence and experience, she gives herself 200% to this new job, despite her parents’ fears for her fragile health, and the unspoken words surrounding her charismatic employers. While a diffuse unease settles in the disturbing house they occupy, Morgane learns that the previous au pair has disappeared under strange circumstances … Isolated in a foreign country whose language she does not speak, the trap closes on the young girl who will have to put the pieces of the puzzle together to save her skin.


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