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France 3 is broadcasting the detective television movie “Meurtres à Toulouse” this evening, with Lionnel Astier (“Alex Hugo”, “Kaamelott”), Camille Aguilar, and Yvan Le Bolloc’h. Has the press been seduced by this new opus from the “Meurtres à …” collection?

What is it about ?

What relationship can there be between corpses found in the early hours of the morning in the squares of Toulouse, and the words of a song by Claude Nougaro? It is this delicate investigation that will have to solve the Commander Simon Keller, a man wounded by the life and the young Cécile Gimet, just out of the police academy… Of which it is the first investigation on the ground.

Decreased by illness, Keller will make a point of completing this investigation as quickly as possible. As for Cécile, she has no doubts that this story will bring back the painful secrets of her own childhood in her life.

Murders in Toulouse, directed by Sylvie Ayme and written by Jean-Marie Chavent and Luc Chaumar.

With Lionnel Astier, Camille Aguilar, Astrid Whettnall, Yvan Le Bolloc’h, …

Saturday May 29 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3, and already available on Salto

What the press thinks …

According to Télé 7 jours:

“An original and captivating investigation led by the endearing duo Lionnel Astier-Camille Aguilar. This TV movie is also an opportunity to discover the beauty of the pink city, magnificently filmed.” 3.5 / 5

According to Télé Loisirs:

“A moving story. The duo formed by Lionnel Astier and Camille Aguilar deserves to last.” 3.5 / 5

According to Télé Z:

“Even if the whole is not always very credible, this plot, well served by its actors, pays a singular tribute to Claude Nougaro.” 3.5 / 5

According to Cable Sat TV:

“The script is nicely anchored in Toulouse culture as well as in the architecture of the city. Too bad some elements of the plot are agreed and predictable.” 2.5 / 5

According to Télérama:

“Like the previous versions of Meurtres à…, this Toulouse episode multiplies the postcard plans in order to anchor the intrigue in the Occitan capital. After this condensed of clichés a bit indigestible, the investigation led by the tandem Simon Keller-Cécile Gimet is still pretty entertaining. ” 2.5 / 5

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