Munch on TF1: unexpected death, new characters … what awaits you in season 4 …

“Munch”, still worn by Isabelle Nanty, returns this Thursday evening on TF1 with a season 4 rich in twists and turns. Between the death of one of the heroes of the series and the arrival of Hippolyte Girardot in the role of Gabrielle’s youthful love.

More than a year and a half after the broadcast of season 3, which hosted Marilou Berry in the role of the heroine’s half-sister, Munch is back tonight on TF1 for a new season 4 inevitably eagerly awaited by the faithful of the police and judicial comedy led by Isabelle Nanty.

And this new batch of eight episodes, now overseen by Alain Robillard, the creator of Nina, has many surprises in store for Munch fans. Starting with the unexpected death of one of the heroes and the arrival of two new characters who will quickly become essential.

Lucien Jean-Baptiste leaves the series

After three seasons spent in the skin of Hubert Bellanger, the partner of Munch, Lucien Jean-Baptiste (The First Star, He has already your eyes) has decided not to come back and to say goodbye to the series, in order to devote himself to other projects.

To offer a way out for the actor and his character, the writers have therefore chosen to start season 4 with a real shock, by staging the death of Hubert in a car accident.

Devastated, Munch will be able to count on the support of his team, and of an old acquaintance, to try to see more clearly in the death of his friend and collaborator. Because if everything leads to believe that Hubert’s death is a stroke of fate, the instinct of our favorite lawyer tells her the opposite … A major mystery that spans several episodes and allows the series TF1 to set off again on the hats of wheels.

Munch on tf1: unexpected death, new characters... What awaits you in season 4...
Nicolas Gouhier / Exilene / TF1

Munch finds his great love of youth and tries to save his cabinet

To fill the absence of Lucien Jean-Baptiste, TF1 and the production have decided to introduce a new male character, Mathieu Scheffer, played by Hippolyte Girardot. And Munch knows this lawyer well since he is none other than his childhood sweetheart, whom she had almost married before he abandoned her at the altar.

Munch will find himself forced to team up with Mathieu to save the cabinet threatened by an investigation by the financial brigade. And a rather enjoyable game of cat and mouse, and full of second degree, will settle between them. By the way, bringing out a childish side in Gabrielle Munchovski that we adore.

Fortunately, in the many trials that will present themselves to her, Munch will be able, as always, to count on her loyal team.

Munch on tf1: unexpected death, new characters... What awaits you in season 4...
Nicolas Gouhier / Exilene / TF1

Clarisse (Paloma Coquant), obviously, on the way to becoming a lawyer, who for her first case will have to defend a young woman accused of complicity in the robbery of a jewelry store. But also Gaspard (Aurélien Wiik), his companion, who discovers at the same time as Clarisse the pangs of parenthood. As well as Aurélien (Tom Villa), who wonders about his place in the office, his fallow love life, and especially the place of a father with the most embarrassing secrets.

Finally, always on the new characters side, this fourth season of Munch also welcomes Lola Andreoni in the role of Samia, a new sassy intern who, by her electric temperament, will soon shake up the cabinet! Without forgetting Cécilia Hornus (Plus belle la vie), as a guest, in the role of Gaspard’s mother.

The entire season 4 of Munch is already available in preview on Salto.

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