Mr. Volare’s former villa on one of the world’s best beaches is up for sale

by Silvia Marchetti, CNN

Lush gardens of offering a new luxury property listing is bright bougainvillea, overlooking a terrace panoramic one-tropics, as the world’s best shimmering shores of the sea and only a few steps from the lattice. Over the charm of the home inspired by the great artist.

At the beach house once popular Italian songwriter Domenico Modugno, who wrote the legendary hit “fly” it up for sale on the spectacular island of Lampedusa, and at a distance from the southern-most tip of Sicily, which is closer to the Tunisian shores.

In one village overlooks the world's best beaches

In one village overlooks the world’s best beaches credit; La real Commerciale

Perfectly blending of the sacred in the countries around us are red rocks and a 220-square-meter (square pedem- -2.300) it’s like to go to a house, cut her face and rugged coastline. There is a beautiful island dweller against the Conigli (tunnel entrails Isle), the beach, the beach featured in Tripadvisor ranked the world’s best in 2013 and the top 10 several times in Italy and Europe shores. Stress leads to a private beach.

“Modugno is a mad love of Lampedusa. Stage had a place, a vaulted place could have been a great noise and the usual frantic life, in addition to the former of nature and of the bodies it’s sunny swimming only hours shines through the water. This was a huge the price was in it,” said Maurice Pezzette La Commerciale Srl that the propelling, an affiliate of Christies Real Estate International handling the sale.

However, the price of disclosure is restricted to private business Pezzette the “unique and beautiful market place and suggests that the less you think.

A garden shut up by a great pain of the brick wall of a private dwelling,

A garden shut up by a great pain of the brick wall of a private dwelling, credit; La real Commerciale

There’s a 1,000-square-meter (10,700-foot quadratum-) garden enclosed by brick walls with exotic palms and bougainvillea pink and aloe plants. The interiors, exteriors of living spaces by the combination of favorable green stones laid Pezzette form a harmonious architectural continuity.

What is tucked away in a secluded in the bush, where access is only the right foot.

Modugno, who was designated by the state Polignano a Mare in Puglia is known the world and that “the fly” when he won the Grammy Awards in 1958, to spend the months of Lampedusa abode.

In fact singing singer Domenico Modugno

In fact singing singer Domenico Modugno credit; The cornerstone / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

And to have love for him with all the heart, while he swam in the sea Islet in the stagnant clear waters and in the surrounding of the rabbit-shaped, separated from the beach only by the narrow limits of the land of walkable at low tide. The name may refer to the rabbits had inhabited the district, which tend to islet ancient Arabic term meaning “connection”.

The latest security situation of leading the white spots where the rock is similar to sunbathe now lime.

The rabbits entrails as it does Islet shore of Lampedusa special. The hue tether cord baby powder sand of the sea, has a variety of shades of blue and cobalt ranging from aquamarine depending on the depth.

The water color is spectacular, and islanders and tourists who still call, which stretch from sea to report to the nickname coined by the artist “of the pool.”

Italy, on the shores of the sea turtles Caretta caretta Loggerhead Even the distinction between the Modugno been loved by a few, it seems, to the night under the stars obey his command.

An area of ​​Lampedusa and the surroundng

An area of ​​Lampedusa and the surroundng credit; Fabritium Villa / Getty Images Europe

Lampedusa is a marine wildlife sanctuary and popular for whale and dolphin watching. The ragged rocks, fluorescent blue water and dry desert Modugno discuss any teacher, stunned.

Old craftsman’s cabin was bought in 1970 and refurbished it. He lived there until his death in 1994, then things have changed recently and his hands at the same distance from the small restyle carried out before placing it on the market.

“It’s magical, dreamy man. During the day on the beach can get crowded, but there was evening and early in the morning can not indulge in blood settings will rise. It is just the nature of the” Pezzette who knew Modugno recalling that the rock star enjoyed mingling with of morals, prouinciales touching, “to glorify” denotes in the island, out of his sight, and he did not have why the habit of the sidereal.

Tucked away in a secluded sea and the bush, how much direct access to the foot

Tucked away in a secluded sea and the bush, how much direct access to the foot credit; La real Commerciale

Local legend has it that the artist, who died in the mansion for 66 years, demanded that the buried box of sand and seawater from the entrails of the tunnel Isle beach inside his coffin.

“It is not surprising that they have for more than a legend. Being inflamed with the imitation of that of Lampedusa when they heard this, I am in the work of some of them you over the many, and that love is, it seems that the shore of the deep with the same vast, “he said Pezzette.

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