Mr. Corman on Apple TV +: What is this bittersweet comedy by and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes, directs some of the episodes, and stars as Mr. Corman. Available this Friday on Apple TV +, this dramatic comedy portrays a man in search of himself.

What is it about ?

Artist at heart, Josh Corman teaches in fourth grade at a public school in the San Fernando Valley, after giving up a musical career. Yet grateful for this life, he finds himself dealing with anxiety, loneliness and growing unease.

Mr. Corman, a series created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Arturo Castro, Debra Winger, Juno Temple… Available on Apple TV +

Existential crisis

It’s not easy to face everyday life – even if it is nothing dreadful – when you dreamed of being a rock star and you end up a schoolteacher. It’s the epiphany that strikes Josh Corman on a morning like any other, where a simple question from a student turns everything upside down.

And you, do you consider yourself lucky?“asks little Ramon who was the only one to answer” Yes “to a mountain of” Nons “when Mr. Corman asked this question to his whole class.

From this moment, Josh takes stock of his life and nothing goes. He does not live on his passion. He doesn’t even play music anymore. He has been single for a year and lives in a roommate with his childhood friend. This realization even leads him to have anxiety attacks that paralyze him.

Mr. Corman on apple tv +: what is this bittersweet comedy by and with joseph gordon-levitt?

AppleTV +

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is touching sincerity in this series that he created, partially directed and in which he plays. In view of his career, we obviously say to ourselves that he has nothing in common with this Josh Corman. He did not miss out on his passion.

But despite everything, we can see a part of the truth in his approach. He also gives free rein to a certain fantasy, especially in the dreamlike sequences reminiscent of those of Michel Gondry (but without the DIY side). There is clearly something familiar about this series. In its tone, as in its form.

The end of the 2010s saw the blooming of author series in which the main character experiences discomfort that leads him to question his life choices. Fleabag, BoJack Horseman, Better Things, Maniac, Atlanta… are all examples of these series where the existential crisis is the driving force.

Mr. Corman on apple tv +: what is this bittersweet comedy by and with joseph gordon-levitt?

AppleTV +

Mr. Corman gives the impression of coming to the end of this cycle. Without failing in its narrative or its interpretation, the series of Joseph Gordon-Levitt lacks a little something that would differentiate it from the previous ones. Perhaps a little too melancholy, Mr. Corman lacks a touch of madness.

The actor is nevertheless surrounded by a formidable cast starting with Arturo Castro, a real revelation in the role of Victor, Josh’s roommate. Episode 4 is also entirely dedicated to him, a real little moment of happiness.

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