visits Mount Abu in monsoon Does this sound like a bad idea to you? Well, believe me it is actually not so. Being the only hill-station in the wilderness of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is like a privileged child of its parent state, which never disappoints. Therefore, even when it rains, the city continues to offer breathtaking views of the mountains, Lakes and waterfalls all around. And also offers experiences like sailing, wildlife spotting and much more that are impeccable enough to make your vacation one of a kind.

But if questions like ‘what’s the weather like’, ‘what are the best experiences to attend?’, and ‘what should you pack?’ There are some questions that are still stopping you from making your plan rajasthan trip, here are all the answers. To keep an eye!

Weather in Mount Abu during monsoon

Mount AbuMount Abu

Monsoon arrives in the city in the month of July. So, in Mount Abu, monsoon season Less hot and humid, but the city actually receives less rainfall. The maximum and minimum temperatures remain around 28 °C and 21 °C, and the weather remains almost the same throughout August and September.

Overall, this is the perfect time to explore the lush greenery of Mount Abu. The sky is clear and the evenings are pleasant. And so while summer is the best time to visit Mount Abu, the city is also a must visit in monsoon to see the brighter side of nature.

Top 10 things to do in Mount Abu in monsoon

From sightseeing to food, this city offers all kinds of experiences for a soul-satisfying trip Mount Abu, Rajasthan in monsoon, Take a look at all the top things you can do there!

1. Boating – Nakki Lake

Boating in Nakki LakeBoating in Nakki Lake


Nakki Lake is known for its natural beauty and purity. Therefore, sailing on the lake is one of the best Things to do in Mount Abu in monsoon Because it offers picturesque views of both the hills and the gardens surrounding it. This is the first thing you should do when you step into Mount Abu to start your journey on a true note.

price: The 30 minute ride costs Rs 50 per person
Time: Boating can be done any time between 9:30 am to 6 pm
Place: Ganesh Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, 307501, India

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2. Tracking

adventure Traveladventure Travel


Imagine yourself trekking amidst the most magnificent Aravalli range with your friends or family and enjoying the endless breathtaking views of nature. Sounds soul-satisfying, right? tracking in Mount Abu, Rajasthan in monsoon It becomes even more exciting as the routes become thrilling and the views look brighter. So, lace up your shoes and get ready to taste adventure!

price: Starting from Rs 2,700 (if you book trekking tour and guide)

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3. Dilwara Temple – Visit

Beautiful Dilwara Temple in Mount Abu Beautiful Dilwara Temple in Mount Abu


Dilwara temple is one of the most famous Places to visit in Mount Abu in monsoon, This temple is known for its impeccable architecture and surrounding views. This temple follows Jainism and has a strong history. Apart from its religiosity, it is the beautiful structure of the temple that makes it a must-see.

entrance fees: There is no entry fee for visiting the temple.
Time: For locals, the temple is open from 6 am to 12 noon and for non-devotees, it is open from 12 noon to 5 pm.
Place: Delwada, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

4. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife SanctuaryMount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary


Formerly a forest and now a sanctuary, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary houses abundant species of fauna and flora. While the sanctuary is home to sambar, common mongoose, wild boar, porcupine, jackal and other species, it is also home to leopard and the unique jungle fowl bird. so when you Visit Mount Abu in MonsoonMake sure you visit this sanctuary.

entrance fees: There is no entry fee to visit the sanctuary. However, if you want to go for jeep safari, it costs Rs 300 per person.
Time: The sanctuary is open from 9:30 am to 5 pm
Place: Aravali Ranges, Shergaon Path, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

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5.Guru Shikhar

View of Guru ShikharView of Guru Shikhar


The highest point of Mount Abu which offers a panoramic view of the city, Guru Shikhar is one of the top Places to visit near Mount Abu in monsoon, Apart from the breathtaking views, the place is also blessed with the temple of Guru Dattatreya. Be sure to carry food and beverages with you while traveling to this place.

Place: 15 km from Mount Abu, Rajasthan

6. Sunset Point

People watching sunset in Mount AbuPeople watching sunset in Mount Abu


If you see a sunset immediately after it rains, what word will come to your mind? Oh so beautiful, isn’t it? One of the best places to visit in Mount Abu in monsoon, Sunset Point offers exactly the same gorgeous sunset views, and they will leave you in awe. The attraction of this place is further enhanced by the fact that it was also featured in the film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

Place: Anadara Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

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7. Brahma Kumaris Peace Park – Relax

Brahma Kumaris Peace Park, Mount AbuBrahma Kumaris Peace Park, Mount Abu


Find peace for your mind and soul in this park where peace and entertainment exist together. The park is home to various species of flowers and offers beautiful views of the Aravalli ranges.
During monsoon, the park gets covered with greenery and the refreshing scent of freshness. A visit to this park will definitely leave you spellbound!

entrance fees: There is no entry fee to visit this park.
Time: The park is open from 8 am to 7 pm
Place: Guru Shikhar Road, Oriya, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India

8. Altus Resort – Great Stay

Luxury Resort in Mount AbuLuxury Resort in Mount Abu


while touring Mount Abu, Rajasthan in monsoon, Plan your stay at Altus Resort for a luxurious and comfortable experience. The resort is located close to major attractions of the city, and has beautiful views from its rooftop that will make your holiday more refreshing and relaxing.

Price per night: Starting from Rs 13,000
Place: Old Fateh Vilas, Next to Gujarat Circuit House, Kumarwada, Mount Abu, India

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9. Mulberry Tree Restaurant

Famous restaurants of Mount AbuFamous restaurants of Mount Abu


Any trip is incomplete without good food, but you can put all your worries away as this restaurant in Mount Abu is one of the best restaurants in the city. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and is a favorite dining spot among travelers. During your visit to Mount Abu, make sure you delight your taste buds at this restaurant.

What is special: Honey chilli potato, paneer starters, dal makhani, and kebabs
Cost: Rs 500 for two people
Place: Main Road, Hotel Hilton, Mount Abu, Rajasthan

10. Shopping

Shopping in Mount AbuShopping in Mount Abu


Shopping is a must do during holidays and Mount Abu will not disappoint you at all. You can shop for local handicrafts from Rajasthan and Gujarat and Kota sarees, bangles, carpets and more in the city to satisfy the shopaholic inside. These will be perfect souvenirs to take back as memories that you can cherish forever.

Best Shopping Market: Nakki Lake Market, Khadi Bhandar, Rajasthali, and Kashmir Cottage Emporium

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What to pack for a monsoon trip to Mount Abu?

girl holding cameragirl holding camera

Since you are visiting during the rainy season, you need to keep in mind a few things that you should definitely carry with you for an easy and hassle-free holiday experience. Here are some things you should definitely pack:

    • A camera to capture the wonderful moments of your trip
    • If you are outside, wear an umbrella or raincoat to avoid rain
    • A pair of shoes to keep your feet from getting wet
    • Dark colored and loose clothes to avoid stains during rain
    • An extra plastic bag to keep wet clothes
    • All your essential medicines
    • An ointment to protect yourself from insect bites during your visit to the sanctuary

How to reach Mount Abu?

how to reach mount abuhow to reach mount abu

Mount Abu city is well connected and easily accessible from every city through all modes of transport. However, if you want to experience a hassle-free journey, you can choose your mode accordingly.

by plane

The nearest domestic airport is at Udaipur which is 210 km from the city, while the nearest international airport is at Ahmedabad. If you are planning to travel by air, you can land at either of the two airports and take a taxi from outside to easily reach Mount Abu.

by train

Abu Road Railway Station located in Sihori district is the nearest railway station, which is connected to Abu Road which leads directly to the hill-station. You can get down at the station and hire a cab or taxi to reach Mount Abu.

by road

Mount Abu is connected to major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad and you can easily reach there by state buses or your car from these places. If you are planning to go to Mount Abu from Delhi/NCR, you can cover the distance of 739 km by bus, which will take approximately 14 hours to reach. If you want to drive yourself and have enough time, you can also take your own car.

Tips to visit Mount Abu during monsoon

Mount AbuMount Abu
If you want to enjoy your monsoon trip to Mount Abu to the fullest then here are some tips that you should follow. take notes!
1. Keep an eye on the weather for a hassle-free traveling experience.
2. Boating can be difficult in the evening as there is crowding around the lake. Try to go during the day.
3. Try to follow the instructions, if any, while traveling to different places. For example, wildlife sanctuaries are required to follow certain do’s and don’ts.
4. Try to eat less oily food and more clean food during your trip as the body is prone to illness during monsoon.
5. Be sure to check the timings of each attraction before going there.

Now you must be convinced that the beauty of Mount Abu increases even more during monsoon and this is the best time to see this city in its full glory. So, don’t think too much and plan your Mount Abu trip immediately after including this in your Rajasthan travel package!

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