Mouloud Achour’s Les Méchants trailer: Djimo and Roman Frayssinet, public enemies number 1 – cinema news

Mouloud achour's les méchants trailer: djimo and roman frayssinet, public enemies number 1 - cinema news

Discover the first images of Mouloud Achour’s first feature film, Les Méchants. This comedy that promises to be creaky will land on September 8 in theaters.

Get ready to see the most stupid bad guys in France land! In Les Méchants, the comedians Djimo and Roman Frayssinet play Patrick and Sébastien, young people who are about to live the worst day of their existence.

After stealing a video game console from migrants, Sébastien tries to sell it to Patrick, a nice guy. So far, nothing really bad. But when a rapper just released from prison, a television presenter desperate to make the buzz and click traffickers get involved … Patrick and Sébastien become the most wanted Villains in France.


Directed by Mouloud Achour, the comedy brings together a range of young comedians discovered by the host of Canal + in his program Clique. From Djimo to Roman Frayssinet via Hakim Jemili and Redouane Bougheraba, they are all there!

A host of guests will also be present, with Mathieu Kassovitz in particular in self-mockery. Indeed, the director of La Haine plays Guillaume Kekchoz, a “tolerant” filmmaker, not hesitating to play with his image with a tasty second degree. There is also a creaking criticism of the continuous news channels with the character played by Ludivine Sagnier, a long-toothed host.

The latter will get its moment of glory with an event that will ignite the country. During his show, a rapper named “Carceral”, played by Anthony Bajon (La Prayer, Teddy), will get a live slap in the face. From there, a succession of misunderstandings will take place, putting Patrick and Sébastien on the front of the stage as public enemies number 1.

Fary, Alban Ivanov, Kyan Khojandi, Marwa Loud, Bun-Hay Mean, Alexis Manenti (Les Misérables) and Samy Nacéri are also in the game! Note that Omar Sy will make a small appearance in the film in the costume of an Uber driver.


Les Méchants is the first film by Mouloud Achour, known for his program Clique on the Canal + channel. The host had this idea after the attacks of November 13, 2015.

“I lived next to the Bataclan, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, and the premises of Clique were close to the Charlie Hebdo offices. Between January 7 and November 13, 2015, in this extremely dark period, the only thing that made me a little more laughing, it was to observe the rue Jean Pierre Timbaud. A street which begins in the trendy Marais and ends at the top with a mosque, where often, the bearded men from the top of the street had the same looks as the bearded ones. from the bottom of the street coming out of fashion week “, says Mouloud.

“There, I started to think to myself ‘What if two bearded hipsters were mistaken for terrorists?’ The idea of ​​click farms and all the meta-talk about entertainment, music, culture, was born. J I wanted to ask myself how we crystallize this time when, contrary to what one might think, the problem is not that the values ​​are reversed, but that everyone has become someone’s bad guy. So I started to write a very disjointed document on my own to exorcise all that a little. “

The neo-filmmaker was then supported in the production by Dominique Baumard, screenwriter of Roulez jeunesse and on the series Le Bureau des Légendes. Les Méchants hits theaters on September 8.

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