Mother's Day: these actresses too young to play their moms

Mother’s Day: these actresses too young to play their moms

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, focus on 20 actresses who were far too young to play the mothers of these actors.

Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes or Glenn Close … They were far too young to embody, on the big or small screen, the mothers of these actors. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we give you 20 examples of impossible castings that did not necessarily shock when the work was broadcast.

The trailer for “Aquaman”, a movie in which Nicole Kidman plays the mother of Jason Momoa, when they are actually only about ten years apart:

Nicole, Jason’s mom

SND / Warner Bros. France

In Aquaman, Nicole kidman (born 1967) plays Royal Atlanna, the mother of the DC hero played by Jason Momoa (born 1979). Only 12 years separate the two actors … In super-heroic waters, there is no age that holds!
Age difference: 12 years old

Angelina, Colin’s mom

2004 Warner Bros. Pictures, Intermedia Films, Pacifica Film, Egmond Film & Television, France 3 Cinéma, IMF Internationale Medien und Film GmbH & Co. 3. Produktions KG, Pathé Renn Productions

In Alexandre, Angelina Jolie (born 1975) plays the mother of Colin Farrell (born 1976). We want to believe that in the time of Alexander the Great, we had very, very young children, but at this point …
Age difference: 1 year

Katie, Brendon’s mom

StudioCanal Deutschland

We are always happy to find Katie holmes on the screens even when made to play the mother of a teenager … 1) She is too young for this mission. 2) He’s too old for the role. At the time of filming The Giver, the actress, born in 1978, was indeed 35 years old and her fictional son (Brenton Thwaites, born in 1989), 24 years old.
Age difference: 11 years old

Frances, mum of Peter


In Six Feet Under, Frances Conroy (born 1953) had three children, including a son who could have been her brother in life: Peter Krause (born 1965). Likelihood was much more respected with the casting of Michael C. Hall (born 1971).
Age difference: 12 years old

Eileen, mother of Laurence

Action Cinemas / Temple Theater

This is certainly one of the most glaring cases. At the time of filming for Hamlet (released in 1948), Eileen Herlie (born 1918) was 28 and Laurence Olivier (born 1907), who played her son, was 40. Too strong: she would have conceived it before her own birth!
Age difference: – 11 years old

Jennifer, mom of Seann

United International Pictures (UIP)

In American Pie, Stifler’s mom is what we call a “Milf”. No wonder the production chose glamorous Jennifer Coolidge to play it (b.1961). The real problem comes from the casting of Seann William Scott (1976) who, at the time, was already 23 when he was supposed to be in high school. Casting an adult to play a teenager? A classic !
Age difference: 15 years

Jessie, Cary’s mom


In Death Row, Jessie Royce Landis (born 1896) plays the mother of hero Cary Grant (born 1904). At the time of filming, she was 62 and Grant, 54 … Another example of the ageless Hollywood star!
Age difference: 8 years

Melissa, Mark’s mom

Paramount Pictures

As much as Melissa Leo was a bit young to be the mother of Christian Bale, it was really unlikely that she would be the mother of Mark Wahlberg in Fighter. Leo was born in 1960, Wahlberg in 1971 and Bale in 1974. In this case, Wahlberg was already 38 when filming began while boxer Micky Ward, whom he plays, made his comeback at 29.
Age difference: 11 years old

Glenn, Mel’s mom


A mother far too young is typical of Hamlet since in the 1990 version, Mel Gibson (born in 1956) played the son of Glenn Close (1947), only 9 years her senior.
Age difference: 9 years

Eva, Shailene’s mom

Films bac

Even though she is aged in some passages of White Bird, Eva Green (1980) still looks far too young to be the mother of Shailene Woodley (born 1991).
Age difference: 11 years old

Glenn, Robin’s mom


Casting directors want so much Glenn Close that they sometimes cast her in somewhat odd roles. In The World according to Garp, the actress born in 1947 thus plays the mother of Robin Williams … born in 1951.
Age difference: 4 years

Winona, mother of Zachary


Between Zachary Quinto and Winona Ryder, we would have more imagined a love story on the screen. But, in Star Trek, Ryder (born 1971) played Spock’s mother. Quinto was born in 1977. Even artificially aged, Winona seems far too young to be his mother.
Age difference: 6 years

Anne, Katharine’s mother


In The Laureate, Dustin Hoffman (born in 1937) is seduced by a daughter … and her mother. Except that the mother in question, Mrs. Robinson, who is said to be much older than him, is played by Anne Bancroft (born 1931) who is practically his age. Which inevitably gives another aberration of age with her daughter, played by Katharine Ross with whom she is only 9 years apart.
Age difference: 9 years

Moira, Chad’s mom


Television is a specialist in this kind of improbability, with mothers always having to be very young. In The Brothers Scott, Karen had Lucas at the end of high school but the gap between Moira Kelly (born 1968) and Chad Michael Murray (born 1981) is less. Always the same problem: Murray was already 21 at the start of filming when he was supposed to be 16 on screen.
Age difference: 13 years old

Allison, Melissa’s mom

Warner Bros.

In Tammy, Allison Janney (born 1959) is said to be the mother of Melissa McCarthy (born 1970), except the two actresses are only about ten years apart. This improbability goes back to the previous generation since Susan Sarandon (1946) plays, she, the mother of Jeanney. In life, Sarandon would therefore have had Jeanney to 13 years, then the latter would have had McCarthy to 11 years old.

Drew, Adam’s mom

Columbia TriStar Films

In Misconduct, Drew Barrymore (b.1975) plays a 15-year-old who accidentally becomes pregnant. But, as his son grows up and becomes a young adult played by Adam Garcia (b.1973), Barrymore hasn’t budged a bit. Logically, they are almost the same age!
Age difference: 2 years

Gretchen, mum of Michael


It was particularly confusing to see the mother / son scenes between Gretchen Mol (born 1972) and Michael Pitt (born 1981) in Boardwalk Empire, they really looked like they were exactly the same age …
Age difference: 9 years

Carla, mother of Malin

Paramount Pictures

The two Watchmen Silky Specters look like real sisters! Except no. Carla Gugino (born 1971) plays the mother of Malin Akerman (born 1978).
Age difference: 7 years

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