Most Wanted Criminals: TF1 stops broadcasting season 2 after only a few episodes

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Season 2 of “Most Wanted Criminals”, launched last Wednesday, ends tonight after three new investigations. TF1 will indeed put the detective series with Julian McMahon on hiatus next week for the benefit of the unreleased “Good Doctor”.

Scheduled this summer every Wednesday evening on TF1, the Most Wanted Criminals series, carried by Julian McMahon (Charmed) and Kellan Lutz (Twilight), follows the adventures of a special division of the FBI whose mission is to track down the most wanted criminals the United States.

After having broadcast all 14 episodes of season 1, the front page followed last Wednesday with the first episode of season 2. But fans who hoped to discover the rest of this second batch over the next few weeks will be disappointed since Jess LaCroix and her team are going to take a well-deserved vacation.

Episodes 2, 3, and 4 of season 2, offered this evening from 9:05 pm, will be the last to be broadcast for the moment on TF1. As of next week, the channel will begin to deploy its re-entry grid and Most Wanted Criminals will give way to the unseen season 4 of Good Doctor in the Wednesday night box (a first for the medical series with Freddie Highmore which was previously scheduled on Tuesday).

And if TF1 has not communicated about an upcoming return of Most Wanted Criminals to the air, everything suggests that the 11 remaining episodes of season 2 will be broadcast in 2022 on the channel. Possibly next summer, at the same time as season 3 which will launch September 21 in the United States on CBS.

In the meantime, TF1 will therefore offer from August 25 the new season of Good Doctor, at the rate of two episodes per week. And the amateurs of medical series should be filled this fall since, logically, the chain should follow, once the fourth batch of the adventures of Shaun Murphy ended, with the new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and New Amsterdam.

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