Most Wanted Criminals on TF1: what is the crime series with Julian McMahon worth?

From this Wednesday evening, TF1 will broadcast season 1 of “Most Wanted Criminals”, a detective series created by Dick Wolf with Julian McMahon in the lead role.

What is it about ?

The daily newspaper of a section of the FBI where agents are responsible for tracking down the most wanted criminals according to a list of names. Experienced agent Jess LaCroix oversees a highly qualified team that operates continuously in the field. This undercover mobile unit pursues those who attempt to escape justice.

Most Wanted Criminals is broadcast from Wednesday July 14 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1. The first episode is already available on Salto. Episodes seen: 3/14.

Who is it with?

FBI spin-off (broadcast in France on M6), Most Wanted Criminals is created by the master of the genre Dick Wolf, who is already at the origin of the New York franchise, special unit or Chicago.

The series is carried by Julian McMahon, who, almost 15 years after his last appearance in Charmed and 10 years since the decision of Nip / Tuck, finds for the first time the front of the scene by camping agent Jess LaCroix, outstanding team leader and profiler.

For the occasion, he gives the answer to Kellan Lutz, whose face you may not be unfamiliar with since he played Emmett Cullen in the teen saga Twilight. The actor here plays the young agent Kenny Crosby.

Roxy Sternberg, who we were able to discover in Absentia, plays Sheryll Barnes, Jess Lacroix’s sidekick, while Nathaniel Arcand is Clinton Skye, one of the oldest members of the team. It’s Keisha Castle-Hughes, aka Obara Sand in Game of Thrones, who completes the team by lending his features to Agent Hana Gibson.

Well worth a look ?

The procedural genre was practically created over 20 years ago by Dick Wolf, who has since reigned supreme with no less than 7 series currently in the air and many spin-offs yet to come. While it is one of the most enduring formats on television, it is also one of the most overused.

And Most Wanted Criminals is direct proof of that. The episode mechanics (one case, one episode, one “happy” outcome) have been seen time and time again, and are sorely lacking in originality.

If the plots are well constructed and manage to captivate us, the whole thing lacks character, which is a shame, because Dick Wolfe would have had the opportunity here to offer us something new and very little seen on a major channel.

If the title of the series makes us think directly of the list of the 10 most wanted people in the United States, list on which appeared names like Ted Bundy or even Osama bin Laden, thus giving us the impression of dealing with a sort of modern day Mindhunter in which the FBI team would hunt down America’s most dangerous criminals, it is not.

Instead, we follow an FBI team led by Julian McMahon, who in each episode hunts down a new criminal on the loose following the assassination of one or more people. They then do everything to find him before he commits another crime.


Members of the FBI team.

Where other series such as Criminal Minds led us into the psychology of murderers, Most Wanted Criminel remains very classic: we know from the start of the episode who is the culprit, so we just have to stop him. And we know very well that at the end of the episode, everything will be back to normal. Nothing really distinguishes Most Wanted Criminals from another crime series of the same genre.

Regarding the characters, if we understand that they have all been confronted, directly or indirectly, to trauma during their career, they still manage to free themselves from clichés of the detective genre. The characters still lack a bit of depth, an issue that is likely to be addressed as the season progresses.

We will still welcome the presence of the character played by Julian McMahon, single father following the death of his wife, who plays the daddy hen and ensures the happiness of his daughter. In short, a character all in modernity, far from the clichés of the macho police chief, and it is quite refreshing.

If you like the other Dick Wolf productions, or the detective series broadcast on the major American channels, you will surely appreciate Most Wanted Criminals, which, despite its faults, is watched with pleasure thanks to the breathtaking and well-crafted investigations.

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