Most of you are open to trading battery life for an S Pen slot

The S Pen slot: This clicky part does nothing but help you remove the pen from the phone.

Samsung won’t be launching a new Galaxy Note smartphone this year. However, it has added S Pen support for the Galaxy S21 Ultra (and the Galaxy Z Fold 3). Both phones do not have an S Pen slot. To securely store the stylus, you will need a case.

Although the S Pen slot on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is very convenient, it seems to be at the expense of the battery capacity. Although the phone is similar in size to other Ultra phones, it has a 4,500mAh lithium battery. This compares to the 5,000mAh batteries on both S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra. We were curious if readers would trade their battery life for an S Pen slot.


After the poll’s posting on August 30, it cast just over 3500 votes. All choices received significant votes. The winner was the “yes” group, with 45% saying they would trade their battery life for an S Pen slot. Some reader comments indicate that they may leave Samsung if an S Pen slot-equipped phone is not incoming. 

However, 29% of readers believe it depends on the battery life of the phone. These readers value the S Pen slot, but they have limits to their devotion to it. This is understandable since it’s one thing for an S Pen slot to have a capacity of 5,000mAh and another to have a total of 4,500mAh. But it’s quite another to increase the battery’s capacity from 4,000mAh up to 3,500mAh.

Just 26% of readers said they would not trade their battery capacity for an S Pen slot. This is understandable, as the S Pen is a niche feature on the smartphone market. However, battery life is much more important to most consumers.

Surprisingly, only 35% of respondents are willing to trade. You can view it another way: just below 55% of respondents are ready to change until a certain point, or they aren’t interested at all.


  • NightHawk29 wrote: I have decided to buy the Pixel 6 Pro when it is released. This will be my first purchase of a non-Samsung phone in over a decade. Although I have been growing sick of Samsung lately, the Note has sealed the deal to move my business to another vendor.
  • Shizuma: Without an internal storage slot, pens for smartphones are almost useless. They get lost/relegated to the bottom. Any device with a stylus that doesn’t have a place, I never used it. However, I did use them on note series phones.
  • Dave Stern: The fact that there was no pen silo at the fold three helped me make the no-purchase decision. We hope they find a way to join the fold.
  • friguy3: This is why I am leaving Samsung. For me, if there is no pen, I’m going Samsung for now.
  • Giovanni: You might be willing to purchase a thicker phone to compensate for the “reduced” battery.
  • Fredrik Seglem – I was converted by the S21ultra that I received with a regular pen.
  • Juan S. Abraham Lincoln once stated, “A battery you can charge is a pen that you can lose.”
  • JermaulWest: It all depends on how long the battery lasts. Fold three is currently on the small side. You might have to lower it to fit the pen. I may keep the cell in a bag.

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