More beautiful life: Zoé on a commando mission, Barbara in search of authority and Luna prey to her emotions… This is the recap of the week of February 5, 2024 [SPOILERS] – News Series…

More beautiful life Zoe on a commando mission Barbara in

This week in “More beautiful life, even more beautiful”… Luna entered a new period in her life as a woman, Barbara asserted her authority, and Zoé almost got unmasked.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for episodes 21 to 25 of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle. If you don't want to know anything about what happened to the characters this week, don't read on!

The week of February 5, in More beautiful life, even more beautiful

Luna in all her states

In recent episodes of More beautiful life, even more beautiful, viewers had a little scare for one of the emblematic characters: Luna. And for good reason, while she was at the Le Mistral bar, she suffered severe hot flashes. Furthermore, upon discovering that Kilian had made a mistake in his order, Luna burst into tears. She told Blanche that she was having more and more difficulty managing her emotions. A question then arose: is she sick?

For Thomas, it was obvious: Luna is in full menopause. The next day, the boss of the Mistral told him he knew about his “little health problems”. By listening to Thomas, Luna realized that she should not be ashamed of what was happening to her. She understood that it was natural and that she had to talk about it to those around her in order to better experience this new stage of her life as a woman.

After her discussion with Thomas, Luna asked her mother, Mirta, for advice. She told him that she still had hot flashes, but that she managed to manage them by using a fan. A little secret that Mirta was happy to pass on to her daughter.

Barbara stands up

If Luna seems to have somewhat lost her self-esteem, Barbara has found a renewed confidence. This week in the daily TF1the chef of the Le Mistral bistro received congratulations from Ulysse, the young lawyer and son of Mrs. Kepler.

The latter was so won over by Barbara's cooking that he decided to come back every lunchtime. A surprising choice, which particularly intrigued the cook. To avoid any misunderstandings, Barbara asked him, a little brutally, if he wasn't just there to flirt with her. A rather radical method of making the young man understand that he has no chance with her.

The next day, Barbara discovered that Aya, her clerk, was making cooking tutorials for her subscribers instead of preparing the service. Angry, Barbara immediately reframed the young apprentice, asking her to stop her videos, because for her, social networks have no place in the kitchen.

Despite this clarification, Aya continued to film herself, but her latest video earned her a host of hurtful comments. To comfort her apprentice, Barbara revealed to her that she admired her work. She gave him a symbolic gift: the case of kitchen knives, which she herself had received from Rolland. A great way to pass on know-how.

Zoe makes mistakes

This week, Zoé prepared hard to steal Mrs. Kepler's necklace, under the gaze of her accomplice. The latter entrusted him with a new, very risky mission: to go to the police station in order to take control of the security system.

To avoid arousing suspicion, Zoé made Ariane believe that she wanted a career in the police, like her. An announcement that made his mother proud. The next day, the teenager went to the police station to visit him. Patrick and Jean-Paul were delighted to guide her. Zoé took the opportunity to unscrew the ventilation grille that was in one of the offices, in order to get out that way when the time came. In her mission, she missed being spotted by Morgane.

The next day, Zoé's accomplice went to the police station, then deliberately left a sports bag dragged under a seat. A few minutes later, an alert was issued. As a result, the premises were evacuated, which allowed Zoé to infiltrate there discreetly. During her infiltration, she managed to give access to the security system to her accomplice. But when she wanted to leave, she discovered that the ventilation grille had been reattached after her visit the day before.

Zoé managed to run away, but Ariane saw her. To avoid being unmasked, Zoé declared that she had come to the police station to ensure that her mother was not in danger. Fortunately for her, Ariane believed her lie. In the evening, on the way home, Zoé discovered that a man was following her. It was Eric, Ariane's best friend.

The next day, the inaugural auction of Ms. Kepler's necklace was celebrated. The Mistralians were invited to take a closer look at this jewel. Zoé took the opportunity to examine the necklace, and in particular the window (which is now armored, but she is still unaware of it). Ariane was surprised to see Zoé so focused. Is the teenager's plan in danger? Answer on Monday February 12, 2024.

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