More beautiful life: who is the arsonist? His identity will surprise you at the…

More beautiful life who is the arsonist His identity will

As summer draws to a close, the identity of the arsonist behind many forest fires will soon be discovered. A revelation that will probably surprise fans of Plus belle la vie..

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

For several weeks, the Mistralians of Plus belle la vie have had to deal with numerous forest fires of criminal origin. While carrying out their investigation, the firefighters had indeed found that an abalone shell was present at the site of the fires and that the various fire starts formed a pentagon.

It did not take more for Baptiste and his teammate Justine to deduce that all these fires were linked to one and the same person. Very quickly, the police’s suspicions fell on Olivier Jourdan, the leader of a sect who sees fire as a way to purify himself. Unfortunately, due to a lack of concrete evidence, the police had to release him.

Later, while monitoring the place of a potential future fire, Kevin and Baptiste discovered that the arsonist was actually a woman. And seeing Justine getting closer to Olivier Jourdan, Baptiste had suspected his new girlfriend of being the criminal.

But very quickly, Justine told him that she had been commissioned by the prosecutor Revel to infiltrate the sect in order to find out if the guru was at the origin of the fires. And since this revelation, the investigation was at a standstill, Baptiste and the police having no leads on the identity of the criminal.

But according to exclusive information from Stars News, the name of the arsonist will soon be revealed, and his identity may surprise more than one. Emma will indeed discover that the culprit is none other than Vanessa, Romain’s new girlfriend.

A few weeks ago, Vidal fell in love with the mysterious young woman. If at first glance, she seems to be a completely normal person, it will turn out that she suffers from psychological disorders that can make her dangerous.

In the episode broadcast last Friday, Romain indeed discovered that his new girlfriend had thrown away his medication to help him detoxify. As he decided to leave, Vanessa knocked him out. And the latter will, in the episodes of Plus belle la vie broadcast this week, sequester the doctor in order to detoxify him from his medication. In her delirium, she will even go so far as to tell Sylvia that she and Romain have planned to get married soon.

But his madness does not stop there. In an excerpt from Plus belle la vie unveiled on France. TV, Emma will notice in the background of a photo of the young couple taken in Vanessa’s country house a pile of abalone shells; these same shells present at the scene of the fires. For her, there is no longer any doubt, it is Vanessa who is at the origin of the forest fires.

The young woman will then follow the criminal to get to the bottom of it. She will thus discover that in addition to starting the fires, which she thinks purifying, Vanessa has also been holding Romain Vidal hostage for several days. Unfortunately, the arsonist will discover that Emma is spying on them, and will knock her out before tying her up.

How are Romain and Emma going to get out of Vanessa’s claws? In her madness, will the young woman try to kill them? Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, available in preview on Salto.

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