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The episode of “Plus belle la vie” on Monday March 1 saw the return of Jacob, who was believed to have died in a fire. Does this revelation sign the character’s return to Camille’s life?


While everyone thought he was dead in the house explosion, Jacob is actually alive and well. In the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast this Monday, March 1, he is about to leave town, but finally changes his mind after seeing a photo of Camille in his wallet. But even if he does not leave the Mistral for the moment, the intrigue ended last night, without being closed, the writers having taken the habit lately to split the arches in two.

For a few days now, Camille, who has been held captive for 10 years by Jacob, has found the joy of living alongside her big sister, Emma. After passing a French and math test to find out her grade level, the young girl is delighted to learn that she will be able to resume her studies and a normal life. But she is far from suspecting that Jacob is not dead and that he is still in Marseille. Will he try to recover or replace the teenager? Response in a few months according to Pauline Bression, Emma’s interpreter.

We will find Emma in a professional environment, with GTS who is not doing very well because of the covid”, Reveals the actress to Leisure TV. “She will explain in particular having taken time off to take care of her sister. And we will see that she lives with Camille, Baptiste, and Matiss. Later there will be an ark suite with Jacob. We do not yet know when it will be broadcast on the air but it will be before the end of the year 2021.. “It will therefore be necessary to take your troubles patiently before discovering what will happen to the criminal in More beautiful life.

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