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After learning of Samia’s death in “Plus belle la vie”, Jean-Paul will soon discover that Léa is pregnant with him. Stéphane Henon reacted to these shocking revelations and confided in the evolution of the relationship between Boher and Léa.

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The life of Jean-Paul Boher will be turned upside down more than ever in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. And fans of the daily soap opera of France 3 are obviously not at the end of their surprises.

While the cop camped by Stéphane Henon had been investigating for weeks to find out what had really happened to his ex-wife, Samia (Fabienne Carat), missing since January, his search for the truth found a tragic conclusion.

Indeed, gone to Algeria with Abdel, Boher finally learned on Friday April 2 that Samia and Malik, the latter’s brother, died in a car accident. A news which provoked the anger of the fans and which will obviously seriously shake Jean-Paul. But according to his interpreter, it is nothing compared to what awaits him: the announcement of the death of Samia to their daughter Lucie.

“Yes, at the end of his investigation, he will find out that Samia is dead. It will be very complicated for him to manage”, confided Stéphane Henon to Star TV. “He’s been through a lot with her over the past fifteen years. But the hardest part is telling Lucie her mother’s death”.

Beyond this tragedy, and on a lighter, or in any case more joyful, register, the coming week promises to be doubly loaded with very intense emotions for Jean-Paul since, during the episode of April 8, the Samia’s ex-husband will also discover that Léa (Marie Hennerez) is pregnant with her child!

Boher will learn the news by chance, after having surprised Gabriel at the hospital in the middle of a telephone conversation, and will be “very stunned” according to Stéphane Henon. But the idea of ​​the birth of this baby could well allow Jean-Paul and Léa to find each other. And finally to live a beautiful love story?

“He still hopes to be able to get Léa back”, continues the interpreter of Boher in the columns of Télé Star. “Personally, I believe a lot in this love story. If Léa came to Jean-Paul, it is because things have happened. She necessarily suppresses certain feelings”.

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