More beautiful life: the castaways soon saved and back to the Mistral? [SPOILERS]

Stuck on an island that has not been so deserted for several weeks now, the castaways of the summer saga of “Plus belle la vie” will finally manage to return to Marseille in the next episodes. But is the nightmare really over?

More beautiful life: the castaways soon saved and back to the mistral? [spoilers]
Jean-Louis Paris / FTV / Telfrance

The nightmare is about to come to an end for the castaways of Plus belle la vie. But the great summer saga of the daily soap opera of France 3 is far from over for all that.

In the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, after a confrontation with the “beast”, which is ultimately only a man covered with animal skin, and while the state of health of Laetitia (Caroline Riou ) continues to worsen, the seven castaways will have the happy surprise to discover that they could trust Alexandre (Léo Romain), the wild man, since the latter will keep his promise and find them on the beach with a motor canoe.

Céline (Rébecca Hampton), Laetitia, Valentin (David Ban), Fanny (Prudence Leroy), Romain (Simon Ehrlacher), Bilal (Kjel Bennett) and Rochat (Charles Schneider) will thus manage to leave the island during the episode aired this Friday July 23 on France 3. But not without a last minute tragedy.

When helping the castaways to get into the canoe, Alexandre will indeed be shot by an individual who seems to be his twin brother since he looks exactly like him, and will collapse in the water under the horrified eyes of Fanny.

Valentin will then urge Romain to get on the boat and the seven mistralians will leave this cursed island. Leaving Alexandre behind them, which Fanny will have a hard time digesting.

“We could have saved him”, laments the waitress of Marci in an excerpt from Monday’s episode unveiled in preview by France 3, before blaming Vidal to whom she orders never to speak to him again. And Romain may explain to her that he made the choice to leave without delay to save them from the man who would certainly have ended up killing them too, nothing helps, she does not take offense.

Back in Marseille, Fanny will find her mother, Carmen, played by Aurélie Konaté, and will blame her for having hidden the truth about her father from her, according to information from Télé Star. Transported to the hospital, Laetitia will make an announcement to Sébastien involving Valentin, with whom she now seems certain to be in love.

As for the other castaways, they will obviously try to “find answers to the secrets that the island really hides”, while soldiers will bring back Towali’s body and carry out DNA research on this mysterious corpse.

So, what revelations will shake the heroes of Plus belle la vie about the island that gave them their worst nightmares? And what about Alexander? Is he really dead? Everything suggests that this plot is far from over and that Fanny could well decide to return to the island to find him. And face his mysterious twin brother? Response soon on France 3.

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