More beautiful life: Romain on the departure, Sylvia develops a formidable plan to retain him…

In the next episodes of “Plus belle la vie”, Romain is about to leave Marseille to join his ex-wife in Paris. But Sylvia, who has not said her last word, develops a formidable plan to keep him…

More beautiful life Romain on the departure Sylvia develops a

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of More beautiful life. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

It has now been several weeks since the love affairs of Dr Romain Vidal (Simon Ehrlacher) are at the heart of the plots of Plus belle la vie. After trying his luck with Sylvia (Delphine Rollin), who very quickly put an end to their relationship for lack of chemistry, he got into a relationship with Emilie (Laurie Bordesoules), his other roommate.

If the two lovers found many points in common, in particular their love of sport, the young woman quickly realized that she was not necessarily looking for the same thing as Romain. And the arrival in Marseille of Séverine, the doctor’s ex-wife, hastened their break-up. Of course, all these romantic adventures took place under the eyes of Fanny (Prudence Leroy), who struggled to hide his jealousy of his housemates.

But if the young waitress seems to gradually become aware of her feelings towards the young doctor, she risks running out of time to declare her love. In the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow on France 3, Séverine will indeed convince Romain to come to Paris for the birthday of Martin, his best friend.

She suggests that he take advantage of his stay to attend a symposium on orphan diseases, led by a professor that Romain has dreamed of meeting since his first year of college. A proposal he decides to accept. Later, she announces to him that Martin is going to be appointed director of the hospital and that he wants to ask her to lead the neurosurgery department.

Romain then hesitates to accept, which would mean leaving Marseille. Sylvia and Emilie have by chance overheard this conversation and with the help of Luna and Mirta, they will try to show Romain how essential he is to the life of the Mistral.

In Friday’s episode, all the Mistralians will mobilize to convince the doctor to stay in Marseille. Unfortunately for them, he very quickly sees clearly into their game and explains to Sylvia and Emilie that he wants to give himself time to think about his friend’s proposal.

When the two young women announce to Fanny that Romain has not yet made up his mind, she immediately turns her back, convinced that he is going to leave town. It is then that Sylvia understands that the young woman still has feelings for him. Then comes a Machiavellian idea to retain the doctor.

In an excerpt from the episode of Plus belle la vie which will be broadcast on Monday June 13, viewers discover that Sylvia wrote a love letter to Romain, which she signed in Fanny’s name and in which she declares its flame.

Romain, I tried to tell you, but it’s too hard. So here I am writing to you. I’m in love with you, and Alexandre, I love him too. I don’t want to betray him. But I know our story will end one day and I’ll be ready for you. I’m not asking you to stay but I just wanted you to know. And please don’t tell anyone about this letter, not even me. I would be too ashamed. I like you. Fanny”.

Will this letter convince Romain to stay in Marseille? Will she allow him and Fanny to finally experience their love in broad daylight? Answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, available in preview on Salto.