More beautiful life: Rochat’s moving appeal to César on TV

In an excerpt from “Plus belle la vie” unveiled on the France 3 website, Claude Rochat will leave a moving message to César, whom he believes is still alive.

More beautiful life: rochat's moving appeal to césar on tv

The screenwriters of Plus belle la vie must have a grudge against Claude Rochat. Since her arrival in the series in 2013, nothing has been spared her. Played by Charles Schneider, this character, however loved by fans of the daily soap opera, continues to chain drama and disappointment.

Arrived during season 9, the character of Claude Rochat has continued to grow over the years, fans gradually discovering new aspects of his personality and his private life. But there is an event, which occurred last October, that fans have still not digested: the death in the most complete indifference of his nephew César. A little backtracking is in order.

In 2014, Rochat obtains custody of César, a tortured young man whose escapades will punctuate the daily soap opera for many years. Very involved in his education, he will do everything to put him back on the right track. As their relationship grew, viewers learned that Rochat had lost his son when he was a teenager.

The time making the link between César and Rochat has continued to strengthen over the years. But in October 2021, Caesar, who thought he could blackmail serial killer Jacob, saw his plan backfire. While he had tried to get rid of Baptiste, he had seen his plan fall apart when Kevin had managed to save him in time.

While his hope of winning back Emma went up in smoke, he discovered at the same time that his uncle was closely watched by Jacob. In order to protect him, he decided to go to the police station to tell everything about the serial Killer.

Unfortunately, on the way, he was kidnapped and then sequestered by the killer and Camille. The latter, taken with compassion, allowed Caesar to say goodbye to his relatives before he died, making them believe that he was going to Canada. Murdered on October 15, Rochat, Emma, ​​Barbara and the others therefore still think that the young man is alive.

If until now, almost no mention of this departure has been made between the characters, it seems that the writers have remembered this intrigue left in suspense.

In an extract from episode 4487, which will be broadcast on Tuesday March 1 on France 3, Rochat, who is alone in his office late at night, leaves a message on the phone of his nephew, who never answers his calls. .

I wanted to know how you were doing“, he said to him. “JImagine your life in Canada is hectic. You never call back. You don’t listen to your messages…at least not mine. In truth, I wanted to tell you that I miss you. I miss you a lot. Starting with your laughing eyes when you drove me crazy. Here, give me a sign. I need it. I kiss you.” A poignant and moving message that will certainly not leave fans of Plus belle la vie indifferent.

It only remains to hope that once his plot with Malika, who will try in the next episodes to poison him, closed, Rochat will start looking for his nephew. It is indeed difficult to believe that no one from the Mistral, let alone his uncle, is worried about not having heard from the young man for more than 3 months.

Especially since if the rumors turn out to be correct, and that Plus belle la vie comes to an end in the course of 2022, fans will expect the story around Jacob to finally find an ending.

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