More beautiful life on Wednesday, October 20, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4393 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … The investigation into Abdel’s disappearance continues, while Jacob finds a new target. Sache and Luna manage to find Amandine’s murderer.

More beautiful life on wednesday, october 20, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4393...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

The “Amandine” case resolved

Luna and Sacha have followed Hugo Malet, but, without knowing it, they will enter a room in which the man is. Malet then asks them for explanations. Sacha, however, refuses to leave until he finds out what happened to Amandine.

He continues to claim that he does not know a young woman with this name. Smelling the smell of fresh concrete, Sacha is convinced that Amandine’s body is under his feet. Malet then tries to attack them but Luna manages to cut the current, which allows Sacha to avoid Malet who falls to the ground.

The two friends call the police. A fos on the spot, the agents arrest Malet, the scientific police having found the body of a young woman under the concrete slab. Everything suggests that it is Amandine’s body.

According to the coroner’s first findings, the young woman died instantly after receiving a violent blow to the head. Ariane apologizes to Sacha and says she regrets not having listened to him. After these adventures, Sacha thanks Luna for having convinced him to live with his handicap. The ex-journalist immediately receives a message from Victoire which warns him of his return to Marseille.

Nisma feels guilty about Abdel’s disappearance

Boher questions Nisma in the presence of Alison. The teenager admits to having lied. Boher then explains that they identified the van that was used for the kidnapping: it belongs to Nacer Bellagi. Nisma explains to Boher that Abdel and Nacer had an argument during the marriage.

Ariane and Eric go to Nacer Bellagi to ask him questions about what he did last Friday. When they ask to see the van, Nacer explains to them that it was stolen during the wedding. He did not report the theft as he is uninsured and did not want any problems.

He denies having had a role to play in Abdel’s kidnapping. While no one from the marriage can confirm the theft of the van, Nacer’s wife claims he was with her at the time of the kidnapping.

For her part, Alison receives a visit from Karim who tries to find out if the investigation is progressing. But Alison doesn’t have much more information than he does. Karim has indeed returned to business and is afraid that his son has been collateral damage.

Nisma is afraid of being placed in foster care again and of being separated from her brother. She continues to blame herself and confides in Bilal what really happened between her and Abdel on the motorway rest area. Bilal promises his sister that whatever happens, they will stay together.

Jacob has a new target

Camille continues to ruminate on her revenge against Kevin. She wants to make people believe in her suicide and writes a suicide note on her behalf. She asks Jacob not to hurt him too much. While Jacob is about to take action in front of the police station, he is interrupted by Nebout who calls Kevin out of the station.

He wants to convince him to accept the promotion to the post of sergeant, the young man helping Laetitia financially. Kevin accepts the promotion and the raise that goes with it. Jacob is therefore forced to postpone his plans.

For her part, Emilie has trouble cutting ties with Kevin and keeps reading the texts that the young man sends her. Babeth advises her daughter not to cut ties, at the risk of regretting it later.

Jacob tries once again to kill Kevin in the Calanques. But at the last moment, Emilie, who needs an answer, arrives at the meeting point that the young man had sent her earlier. Kevin explains that he was playing a role and that it destroyed him. He reaffirms his feelings for the young woman but Emilie is not ready to forgive him.

A few moments later, Kevin goes to the Celeste to apologize to Camille. He assures the young woman that he was really sincere with her and that the discussions they had were true. She thanks him for coming to talk to her.

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