More beautiful life on Wednesday, November 3, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4403 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While the suspect risks escaping Karim and Boher, Mouss pleads Betty’s case against Vanessa. Franck and Laetitia will they drop the masks?

More beautiful life on wednesday, november 3, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4403...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Jean-Paul and Karim get their hands on Edouard

In the early morning, Barbara surprises Alison returning home accompanied by the young man she met in a nightclub. When she sees them kissing, Barbara intervenes with Alison to reason with her. But the latter remains convinced that Abdel is dead and that she is free to do as he pleases.

During this time, Imene is seized by violent convulsions. Abdel takes the opportunity to steal the keys to his handcuffs and detach himself. But he cannot bring himself to leave her alone. As she passes out, Abdel realizes that her medication is for her pancreas. Once awake, Imene points a gun at Abdel and forces him to hang up on his mattress.

At the Soubeyrand, Francis exposes his theory on the great collapse, which will allow, according to him, to rebuild a more just society then. Bianca interrupts him to tell him that Alexander is alive and that he wants to get back in touch with them. Nevertheless, the patriarch decides to do nothing for the moment. For his part, Bilal finds Jeremy’s behavior towards Nisma inappropriate because he constantly ogles her. Amber, on the contrary, thinks they would make a beautiful couple. Bilal asserts that Jeremy does not interest his sister, while Amber emphasizes the importance of perpetuating the species in times of war. When Bilal asks her if she is having a child on her back, the young girl leaves room for doubt …

Still in hiding, Karim and Jean-Paul end up spotting Edouard, who is leaving his home. Karim rushes to stop him and get him into their car, where he threatens him with a gun in the backseat. Jean-Paul leads them to an isolated place, where Karim questions Edouard about his role in Abdel’s kidnapping. The young man remains silent despite the blows he receives. Karim begins to lose patience and asks Jean-Paul to leave them alone …

Betty continues to provoke the CPE

Vanessa sees Betty listening to music in Scotto’s hallways. She forces him to give her his headphones. Betty gives in, then retorts that she has other ways to relax. The teenager lights a joint by suggesting that the childcare center shoot it. Faced with this provocation, Vanessa gives her a punishment: she must recopy 200 times I must stop being insolent with my Senior Education Advisor ”and this, before the end of the day. If Betty agrees, she then reveals to Mouss that she has no intention of doing her punishment at all. But Mouss advises him to do it to prevent things from turning against him.

Later, Betty goes to the CPE office to hand over her punishment, hoping to get her headphones back in exchange. Vanessa takes a look at her copy, where Betty has written 200 times I believe my CPE denies her feelings for me. Angry, Vanessa fires her without putting her headphones back on. The CPE then requires 3 days of exclusion for Betty from Rochat to whom she relates the incident. Mouss overhears their conversation and pleads Betty’s cause by denouncing the methods of Vanessa, who wants to do everything to exclude her without telling her. Rochat slices: Betty will only have a warning. In the absence of the director, Vanessa promises Mouss that he will pay him.

Franck and Laetitia are in a complicated situation

Mainar approaches Franck and Kalya on the terrace of the Mistral bar to tell them that they will be able to publish their wedding banns. He adds that he realized the obviousness of the sincerity of their couple and that he intends to leave the Mistral. Franck and Kalya are delighted. But the relief was short lived. Going to retrieve his cell phone, which he forgot on the table, Franck hears Mainar on the phone with Barrault. He understands that this good news is a trap. Mainar hopes that they will relax their vigilance and that he can catch them in the act of fraud.

Later, Franck drinks coffee with Valentin at the Marci. He makes her promise to take care of Delphine in her moments of fragility. Valentin is touched to discover in Franck a particularly sensitive and deep man. Once alone, he questions himself. Laetitia sees him and joins him, supposing that he is brooding because of Delphine. Half-heartedly, Laetitia and Valentin admit that they suffer from not being together.

Meanwhile, Franck spends time with Delphine. He admits that he still loves her but that they can’t continue to sleep together because he absolutely has to marry Kalya. When Delphine asks him what is the reason for this marriage, Franck replies that it is an act of love.

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