More beautiful life on Wednesday, November 10, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4408 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … Barbara has an unexpected encounter. Vanessa finds it more and more difficult to contain herself, while Laetitia plays with Valentine’s feelings.

More beautiful life on wednesday, november 10, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4408...
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Barbara reunites with Abdel

After the prayer, Abdel approaches Ridouane by explaining to him that his old prayer room has been closed because of the radicalism of the imam. He makes her believe that’s what he’s looking for. Ridouane advises him to be discreet about it, but he is ready to introduce it to someone …

Meanwhile, Francis brings a bottle of alcohol to celebrate the release of Tony, gunsmith and friend of the Soubeyrand family, who stood firm against the police without ever swinging them. They toast to his health, then mock Bilal who spits out his sip. He maintains that Nisma won’t be able to drink because of her ulcer either. However, the girl does it anyway and swallows her glass dry.

For her part, Barbara talks with Leïla. She noticed that Abdel’s death shocked Nisma to the point that she questions her faith. Indeed, Nisma had wished the death of her guardian and as it really happened, she felt responsible.

Barbara later recognizes Abdel in the street. As she follows him and calls him repeatedly, Abdel hides. As she continues to call him by her real first name, he resolves to hide her with him. Barbara then hugs him, relieved that he’s still alive, although she never doubted it. Barbara then demands an explanation. Abdel admits that he is on a mission to redeem himself. If anyone finds out he’s alive, he’ll be for good. Her life is now in Barbara’s hands …

Vanessa slaps Mouss

Mouss observes Léandri and Betty in the hallway. The CPE criticizes the panoply of model little girl of the pupil who wants to be irreproachable. Léandri emphasizes that she is two minutes late. Betty agrees to copy “I must not be late for class” 50 times. Later, the teenager explains to Rochat and Léandri that she plans to found a history club whose first workshop would be on Napoleon. If the director is in heaven and congratulates Mouss for having succeeded in transforming Betty, Léandri is still wary of her and intends to continue to feed his file to exclude her.

Mouss goes to his superior’s office to understand why she is staring at Betty. Defensively, Vanessa flees down the hall, but Mouss follows her. By insisting, the supervisor realizes that Betty has awakened feelings in the CPE, who is ashamed to love women. At the end of it, Léandri slaps him. Rochat and Noé witness the scene.

Laetitia makes Valentine jealous

Laetitia makes Valentin believe that his relationship with Delphine inspired him to try his luck again in love. She registered on a dating site and asked for his help in choosing a man among those who matched with his profile. Valentin disqualifies them all, then pretends to have an important date. Later, while having a drink on the Marci’s terrace, he sees Laetitia, in the dress he had given her, crossing the Place du Mistral. Desperate, Valentin invites Franck to join him at his table. For her part, Laetitia goes home and tells Kevin that she discovered Valentine’s lie. She has decided to take revenge by playing with him in turn, which her son finds childish.

Meanwhile, Franck and Valentin have a series of glasses. Under the influence of alcohol, they make confidences: Franck reveals that his marriage with Kalya is a white marriage, while Valentin admits that his marriage with Delphine is only intended to make Franck and Laetitia jealous. But, certain of having lost Laetitia forever, Valentin collapses. Franck decides to call the Celeste’s housekeeper, who comes to help him bring Valentine to his room. Once they are alone, Valentine makes a declaration of love to her, to which she replies that she is already aware of his feelings. Stunned by alcohol, Valentin falls asleep while Laetitia tucks him in a tender air.

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