More beautiful life on Wednesday, June 9, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4298 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

More beautiful life on Wednesday, June 9, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4298 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Ariadne tries to find her place in the midst of sexist prejudices, Estelle and Francesco’s housewarming may be chaotic.

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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast Wednesday evening on France 3!

Ariane disobeys Cisse

While they were ready to let off steam on Django, Eric and Ariane are impressed by the behavior of Patrick, who refuses to sink into a cycle of revenge. In order to recover from what happened to him, the latter takes a few days off, during which Cissé becomes the direct superior of the police teams.

Ariane expresses to Eric her need for a challenge and her interest in a case of the robbery of vans which took place in La Joliette. However, Cissé entrusts her to Eric. He also entrusts a case of burglaries to another man and charges Ariane to verify that no squatter has taken possession of an abandoned house. Faced with this injustice, Ariane goes to the Commissioner’s office. Accusing him of being misogynist, she demands an explanation. Cissé retorts that he simply has less confidence in her than in her men because she often takes liberties with procedures and is too impulsive.

Accompanied by Kévin, Ariane questions Ms. Boulard, who is the source of the report of the abandoned house located just in front of her home. She claims to have seen a silhouette in the night come and go, skimming the walls. While searching on the spot, Kévin and Ariane find that the house is indeed empty. Nevertheless, Ariane notices a wall whose joints are still fresh. When Kévin contacts Cissé to warn him, he asks them to come back and write their report while he will send a team on site if necessary.

Despite everything, Ariane decides to disobey and destroys the wall with a hammer. On the other side of the partition, Kévin and she find a dead woman, tied to a radiator …

Estelle and Francesco maintain their housewarming

Upon waking up, Francesco reproaches Estelle for having gone back on their arrangement concerning the decoration of their apartment and for not having given him any chance by refusing everything he offered. For her part, Estelle emphasizes that she cannot force herself to like her tastes in the matter. They recognize that their couple is going through a major crisis but they are ready to put on a good face for their housewarming.

Vincent is the first to arrive. He brings them a Chinese buffet that he found in a flea market. Behind her back, Estelle and Francesco admit that they don’t like her at all. Against all expectations, they agree to move the buffet to their balcony. A little later, Luna, Léo, Claire, Anémone, Mila, Mouss, Sabrina and Nathan also bring back something to furnish their apartment. Mrs. Cabri and Frémont, on the contrary, hope to attend an argument between the couple.

During the housewarming, Francesco and Estelle confide in Sabrina and Nathan respectively. Thanks to them, they realize the strength of their love. They end up meeting to dance a slow, enjoying the mismatched furniture offered by their friends. They finally reconcile by feeling really at home.

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