More beautiful life on Wednesday, December 8, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4428 …

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Boher and Bilal face the survivalists, Estelle faces her guilt, and François her trauma.

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Please note, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3!

Jean-Paul and Bilal face the survivalists

At the hospital, Betty takes over from Lea to Aurore. She takes the opportunity to offer Lea a necklace. The latter immediately suspects the teenager of having stolen the jewel and forces her to return it to its owner. Betty claims the necklace belonged to her mother and is passed down from generation to generation. But Lea doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul explains to Francis that his daughter is between life and death and that she must be operated on urgently by Doctor Vidal. He was taken hostage by Francis to treat a camp of sick or injured survivalists. For his part, Bilal enters a tent where Amber is half conscious due to a wound in her leg which has become infected. Worried about her, Bilal decides to carry her in his arms to take her to the hospital.

Seeing Bilal leave with his daughter, Francis points a gun at him. Vidal takes the opportunity to encourage sick survivalists to follow them to the hospital, which everyone ends up doing, including Jeremy, under the annoyed eyes of the Great Horned …

Estelle feels guilty

As Estelle goes to her kitchen to take some headache medicine, Benjamin wakes up and walks up to her. He gives her water. Faced with his tender gestures, Estelle prefers to cut it short and go back to rest.

Later, Sylvia accompanies Estelle out of the trash. She admits already having the impression of knowing her so much Francesco spoke to her about her and their couple. Sylvia also greatly admires her sister-in-law’s work and bet that all of her clients dream of being like her. Estelle then promises to offer him treatment as soon as the electricity returns. Very touched, Sylvia takes her in her arms.

During a walk with Francesco, Estelle recognizes that Sylvia does not have much confidence in her. Francesco explains that she has had a difficult life, but that he is ready to welcome it into his, hoping to measure up as a big brother. However, Francesco admits having trouble with Benjamin. When he asks Estelle for his opinion, she claims that she doesn’t know him well enough.

François faces a trauma

Inside the Mistral bar, François does not hesitate to eat in front of Bahya, whom he has sequestered. When she asks him to eat, he retorts that she did not deserve it and considers her a parasite of society. The young woman tells him about her journey, reminding him that anyone can end up on the street. Finally, François agrees to untie her and give her a piece of chocolate. While he expects her to be grateful, Bahya reproaches her for her selfishness. Francois immediately reattaches her to his chair.

Later, François swims in full delirium. He hallucinates that prompt him to relive his trauma from Hurricane Katrina. He remembers hanging on to a branch to save himself. But he especially remembers a woman to whom he held out his hand, before letting go, and whom he then saw die before his eyes, carried away in the current. In tears, François confesses to Bahya that this terrible memory haunts him every night since the black out.

Shortly after, François frees Bahya. This encourages him to join the solidarity movement that has been created in the neighborhood. But François does not believe it for a second. Just opposite, Thomas is organizing a food distribution. He refuses to serve a man a second time. The individual in question becomes aggressive, then attacks Thomas with a knife, until François intervenes and manages to disarm him.

While Barbara heals her wrist wound, Thomas does not recover from his brother’s act. The two owners of the Marci then proudly observe François and Bahya reopening the Mistral bar and sharing the food that was stored inside.

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