More beautiful life on Tuesday, October 26, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4397 [SPOILERS] -…

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While Barbara is convinced that Abdel is still alive, Frank and Kalya face Mainar once again. Romain Vidal caught the eye of a famous photographer.

More beautiful life on tuesday, october 26, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4397 [spoilers] -...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Nisma and Bilal in danger?

Threatened at close range by Karim, Mousse bursts into tears and denies his involvement in Abdel’s disappearance. He assures her that he has not touched his son, and that his threats were only a bluff.

The next day, Barbara visits Alison, who has had a hard time recovering from Abdel’s kidnapping. She discovers that the young woman is taking sleeping pills to forget the death of her companion. She also confesses to him that Nisma and Bilal are gone, and that she does not know where they are.

Barbara doesn’t understand why Alison doesn’t try to find them or contact them. She no longer recognizes her friend. For Barbara, there is no doubt that Abdel is still alive. The young woman then turns to Boher who shows her the forensic findings.

For them, the amount of blood lost by Abdel indicates that the young lawyer could not have survived his injuries. But Barbara still refuses to believe it until a body has been found. Boher, who considers Abdel as his son, assures him that he will not drop the case until he finds the culprit.

For their part, Bilal and Nisma finally meet Amber’s family. But they are wary of newcomers. They want the two teenagers to prove that they are not their enemies.

Nisma bravely confronts them which impresses the Patriarch. He understands that the young woman has a healthy anger inside her. After having searched them, the Soubeyrands put Nisma and Bilal in a room. But without warning them, they lock them up there.

A muscular interrogation

Frank and Kalya prepare to meet Mainar for their interview. They are ready to face it. During the interrogation, Kalya loses her means and has had a hard time convincing Mainar. The inspector indeed finds the couple very concentrated for answers which should be natural. When Mainar asks Franck a question about the couple’s privacy, the plumber rebels and insults the pervert inspector.

Franck later finds Laetita at the Mistral bar and tells her how the interview went. Dejected, he is convinced that Mainar has understood everything and that Kalya will soon be kicked out.

A new career for Romain Vidal

Dr Vidal is having a coffee at Marci where he meets Fanny. Alexandre joins them. He came to give the young woman a kiss before starting lessons. The two lovers are still in a relationship. He announces to Vidal that with the help of Fanny, he resumed his studies to become an oceanographer. The couple plans to spend the evening together, which is far from enchanting Romain.

A famous photographer, Karl Eberhardt spotted Romain this morning, on the Marci’s terrace. Fanny tells him where he can find the doctor. He then tries to convince Vidal to pose for him as part of an AIDS prevention campaign.

The photographer finds that he has a natural and benevolent charisma at the same time. The doctor declines the offer, telling him that he doesn’t have time for this kind of thing. The photographer leaves him his card anyway, in case the doctor changes his mind.

While he is in the process of closing the office, Romain comes across Fanny who asks him how it went with Karl. She then convinces him to say accept.

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