More beautiful life on Tuesday, February 23, 2021: summary in advance of episode 4222 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie” … While the police deploy all means to get their hands on Jacob, war is declared between the Mistral and the Marci. As for Victoire, she imagines the worst about Vidal …

More beautiful life on Tuesday February 23 2021 summary in
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Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast Tuesday evening on France 3!

The police go in search of Jacob

At the hospital, Léa and Jean-Paul watch over Lucie. She wakes up, anxious to go home to her father. However, she resents him for not having found Samia. Later, Jean-Paul comes to see Emma to inform her of Camille’s role in Lucie’s escape. Thanks to him, Emma regains hope of finding her sister …

For her part, Camille brings food to Jacob. The latter asks him to untie him, fearing that Lucie will denounce him. When he spills his bowl of cereal, Camille feels he must continue to be punished. She raises her voice, ordering him to collect everything. Later, Camille returns with a basin of hot water and soap. Jacob takes the opportunity to question him about the members of his family, in particular Emma and Alice, whose behavior towards her he criticizes. Annoyed, Camille leaves the room. Meanwhile, the police locate a perimeter where Jacob and Camille could be. Patrick and Cissé obtain reinforcements from Revel in order to deploy a brigade there. The police patrol the surroundings for a long time. When he receives the order to stop the search, Kévin decides to disobey. Eric, his teammate, ends up following him …

The Marci is the victim of a false alarm

Leo confides in Barbara that he suspects Thomas of being the one who sought to harm the Mistral bar by infiltrating a mouse. Everyone is unaware that Caesar is behind the blow. Faced with Sophie and Alison’s complaints, Bilal decides to take revenge. He gets a prepaid phone, then destroys it after issuing a bomb threat to Marci. Ariane arrives with a team of deminers to evacuate the scene, before declaring that it was a false alarm. On the Place du Mistral, Sophie confronts Thomas and Barbara, while Claire tries to calm things down, in vain.

Victoire worries about Vidal’s condition

While discussing a patient’s chart with Vidal, Victoire notices several disturbances in her behavior: tremors, confusion and irritability. Victoire lists these symptoms to Riva, claiming that this is a case for her thesis. She leans in favor of Huntington’s disease and wonders about wild screening, without the knowledge of patients. Riva reminds him that this is strictly forbidden. By meeting Séverine in front of the hospital, Victoire takes the opportunity to question her about Vidal’s family history. She learns that her father died before the age of 40. However, Séverine cuts their exchange short, accusing Victoire of having a misplaced interest in her husband.